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New Android Wear Battery life app allows you to track the state of your battery

Battery life on Android Wear devices has improved over the last couple of weeks but it is still interesting to know about the state of the battery in your device, how your battery life has declined over the last couple of hours and knowing what app is using most of your precious battery life.  Wear Battery Stats is a new app that allows you to do just that.

Android Wear battery app


Wear Battery Stats helps you monitor your Android Wear device battery life. The app allows you to track:

  • App Activity to determine if an app is the cause of battery drain
  • The overall battery use over time
  • Remaining battery time (time until it is fully uncharged)
  • A time bar showing the screen state

You can even get notified if battery life suddenly goes down too fast, specially useful is maybe an app in the background (which you might not be using at the time) is causing some battery drain issues. The app is available for free on the Play Store but for $0.99 you can purchase the full version which gives you more in-depth stats, gives you access to your stats history and more. The app is compatible with the following devices: