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Never Lose Your Smartphone with Hoverwatch

If you have ever had that sinking feeling that you have misplaced your smartphone and have no idea where it is, then you will instantly understand the benefit of Hoverwatch.  We use our smartphones for so many things from monitoring our banking to keeping in touch with friends or family that being parted from it is a big problem.  But now you can use new phone tracking software that ensures you can quickly and easily find your phone.


Free tracking software

Hoverwatch is a free phone tracker service that allows you to locate your smartphone wherever you may have left it.  The software is very easy to use and involves setting up an online account – this can be done from your smartphone or from another device such as a laptop.  Once the software is in place, you can not only monitor where the smartphone is but also its usage.

The software allows you to add up to five devices for free through the Add Device option on the main panel.  You can label them as your own device, your kids device and even as an employee’s device if this is the case.

Invisible and simple

Another good feature of the software is that it remains completely invisible to the devices it is monitoring.  That means you can monitor the location of the smartphone without seeming intrusive or distrustful so has more use than merely to find a lost phone.  The geolocation features of the software uses GPS tracking to see where the phone is including utilising cell towers and Wi-Fi signals.

Hoverwatch also acts as a little phone spy allowing you to track calls, messages and chats on the device.  This is a useful feature for parents who are concerned about their children accessing the internet and who they are in contact with while there.  It stores messages on apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp as well as SMS and MMS messages sent and received.

Another unique feature of the software is the ability to capture a screen shot of what is on the device at any given time.  You can then see exactly what the smartphone user sees.  Other features included with the software is the ability to record webcam photos, Skype chats and also app histories so you can be certain that no unsuitable applications are being downloaded and used on any connected smartphone.

Hoverwatch is a multi-faceted piece of software that allows you piece of mind with regard to all of your devices while maintaining complete anonymity.

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