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How Netflix and Hulu Changed The Way We Watch TV

The tech world has produced different apps that make our lives easier and better. With technology such as smartphones, drones, artificial intelligence, we see that humanity keeps on producing these innovative products. Television is one of the early technologies, and we all know that the purpose of having a television is to be entertained by different channels and to stay updated on the recent events that are happening in the world.

But with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, the television landscape will never be the same compared to cable TV from services like DirectTV. Local TV channels like WGN on DirectTV and others will suffer because of the change. Do you remember when you’d watch a YouTube video and there would be an advertisement from Netflix, featuring a new series? Netflix and Hulu have already broken the rules of watching television, due to their original content that can’t be featured by channels like HBO or Showtime. If you compare Netflix and Hulu to other cable channels, they give you the freedom to watch as many shows as you like, no matter what time it is. Other than that, there are no schedules when it comes to streaming those movies or TV shows.

It’s also your choice if you want to repeat an episode since you can control everything. Unlike the standardized channels like WGN to watch anything from Chicago cubs baseball games to The Black Mirror that people have on their cable television, Netflix, and Hulu don’t have live shows, everything is on demand. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Not just that, you can find other genres because Netflix and Hulu have documentaries and educational programs. So how do these two services stay on the top?


Original content. The series such as House Of Cards and Orange is the New Black don’t show on cable networks because these series are exclusive to Netflix. It is said that show producers are being allowed by these two to create their own shows without receiving any notes or approvals from the two companies. Additionally, Netflix and Hulu can get the data of their users. The data is helpful in curating content for the users. They can see what movies the users are watching, how long they watch for, and when they stop watching a certain show. They can see all your habits to deliver a better product. But how does this affect live sports games or how can viewers find the right WGN DirectTV channel to watch local baseball, basketball, and others sports matches.

How to find the correct WGN DirectTV channel to watch your favorite sport:

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Netflix and Hulu also use the user data in order to determine what type of original content they should create, which resulted in having a higher success rate when it comes to creating their TV shows. These two companies forced the television industry to change its ways by giving the clients the ability to consume the content that they want. If you compare Netflix and Hulu to standard cable channels, these two don’t have too many advertisements. Other than that, there are cable companies that offer packages to the users, and Netflix is now included in those packages. Now you see how the television industry has given up their vision because of the innovation of Netflix and Hulu. Thanks to them, we will be able to cut the cord and begin to watch different TV shows nonstop.