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Moto G 2015 Release Date set for July 2015

Motorola is working on a new 2015 edition of the Moto G called Moto G 2015 while we already knew that the specs of the device were going to be similar to the 2014 Moto G we now have an official Moto G 2015 Release Date. Lenovo’s CEO and Chairman Yang Yuanging revealed during an interview with “The Telegraph”  that the device is set to release July 2015.

The first Moto G (1st Gen) was released in November 2013, 10 months later came the Moto G (2cnd Gen) and now 10 months later we can expect the third generation Moto G 2015 to be released to the public.

Moto G 2015

Like we mentioned before as far as specs go the device won’t differ all too much from the 2nd Generation Moto G, as the device will feature a 5 inch screen with 720×1280 pixels resolution,  It may come in two variants of 8GB and 16 GB storage with 1GB of RAM and a microSD card slot which allows you to amplify the total storage available, all this will be powered by a  2390mAh battery. The Moto G 2015 will also feature a 8MP rear facing camera 2MP front facing camera and LED Flash.