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How Mobile Processors are Changing the Way We Live

Technology has certainly evolved over the years. Although the first central processing unit was introduced to the world in the 1970s, many experts certainly never imagined that people could one day literally hold these mobile processors in the palm of their hands. Indeed, as technology grew smarter, so did processors.

Moreover, the invention and integration of mobile processors have changed the way we communicate and interact in today’s world. These days, we’re able to do a number of things from our handheld mobile devices, including accessing the internet, connecting to Bluetooth, utilizing GPS navigation and so much more.

Here are several features of mobile processors that allow society to more easily interact with one another each and every day.

Dual-Core Processing

See if this sounds familiar: Your computer’s operating system seems to work fine while conducting online research and answering emails, but the minute you begin to play some of your favorite tracks off Spotify or iTunes, the system begins to slow down dramatically. Indeed, your system’s ability to multitask is essential for completing and enjoying everyday tasks — and that’s where dual-core processors enter the equation.

More specifically, a dual-core processor is a CPU with two processors operating in one circuit, meaning it can perform a multitude of tasks quickly and efficiently. Of course, these types of processors are ideal for online and gaming enthusiasts, since this technology allows for uninterrupted game playing, faster internet browsing and multitasking.

And for those who use and rely on apps to edit music, videos and graphics, dual-core processors also make it easy to download and share large files with ease. It’s also great for multitaskers, including business types who must frequently change course from reading emails and searching the web to looking over spreadsheets and documents.

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Constant Connectivity

Another amazing feature of mobile processors is their ability to create an always-connected mobile experience. For example, Qualcomm is one of the leaders in developing mobile processors that allow for smartphones to be constantly connected. In fact, smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus that are equipped with these Qualcomm processors offer the following features:

  • Faster Wi-Fi network speeds
  • Always updated and synced data, apps and email
  • All-day battery life
  • Lightning-fast download speeds
  • Fingerprint scanning as well as iris, voice and facial recognition

By staying constantly connected, you’ll be in-the-know and never skip a beat. These types of features allow smartphones to work faster and smarter, all while keeping up with your busy schedule.

Longer Battery Life

Since we live in such a tech-forward and device-friendly world, you more than likely use your smartphone for just about anything and everything. But with that reliance on technology means a constant drain on your battery. Fortunately, mobile processors now offer longer and stronger power source.

More specifically, newer multi-core processing units have both big and small cores that operate at different times versus all working at the same time. That means programs and apps you’re no longer using aren’t still operating — and ultimately slowing down the overall user experience — in the background.

To avoid this conundrum, multi-core processors are able to differentiate between smaller and larger tasks to ensure your smartphone isn’t wasting precious battery life. For example, the smaller cores within the processor allow your smartphone to accomplish smaller tasks, like making phone calls and receiving emails, without draining your battery. Ultimately, using systems with multi-core processors will allow you to work more efficiently and avoid any frustration or inconvenience.

Technology is Changing the Way We Live

Newer, innovative mobile processors are allowing for smarter technology to reshape the way in which we live and communicate on a daily basis. Indeed, with technology like this at our fingertips, the possibilities are truly endless.