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How to Make Your Workforce More Agile

When it comes to the current business landscape, there are certainly a great many things that the best businesses possess. However, when you think about which businesses are becoming the most successful and what they all happen to share in common, one of the biggest items is their ability to adapt. This agility inside of operations means that when customers have growing problems or things come up out of nowhere, there is more than enough room to respond to the change that is needed. When you start to consider the most important ways to be responsive, have the following items in place.

Use Call Centers

Even though the vast majority of customers are getting sick of call centers and the last thing that they want to do is to speak with someone who is not able to actually help them at the time, they would still much rather have a potential solution on hand than they would have no options whatsoever. The truth of the matter is when you are looking for a solution, you would at least like to be heard if nothing else and call centers are fully capable of providing this. Just remember that even if someone can’t fully replace you, you don’t actually want them to. You want to continue providing the most value to your customers, but you also want to make sure that you never leave them hanging in the process.

As TalkDesk describes, the mobile call center has risen in recent years and it continues to be a valuable option simply because some people are not able to be on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. However, just because they can’t be on call it doesn’t mean that their employees or customers still won’t run into emergencies. For this reason, you must have someone available to put out the fires or at least to record information and know when to escalate things.

Have Video Conference Capabilities


If you are able to tap into the power of encrypted video conferencing tools then you could literally have discussions anywhere, about anything. This is simply due to the fact that mobile video conferencing is now not only available, but with the right companies you can actually have it work just as effectively as it does on a stationary computer. This means you will still need to manage your video conferencing just like you would in your voicemail or email scenario when you are away from the office.

That being said, if you need to communicate directly with someone then you could have their entire face or their entire team right in front of you without skipping a single beat along the way. To keep things simple, you can resume work from anywhere and it will be a tremendous proxy for if you were already inside of the office and working from your desk.

Have Plans in Place

Whether it is due to an emergency, or simply the fact that some people will always call and need help at the worst possible times, you need to have plans in place for what to do just in case you can’t be there. Obviously you built your business by making sure you were ready for anything, but if you never get a chance to step fully away from your organization then you will never get the chance to recharge your batteries.

According to Lifehack, you not only need to consider the fact that you need a vacation to relax and enjoy life from time to time, but you also have to be aware of the fact that if you don’t relax you could burn yourself out at work and not do as good of a job. It is for this reason entirely that you have to have a plan, and part of that plan is that you have to make time for yourself and get away from time to time. As long as you can defer certain things to a second in command or a temporary manager then you should be able to rest easy. However, if you set up any sort of plan in advance then you won’t need to worry about potential chaos or problems that could wind up falling out in the process.

Your organization will continue to run smoothly with or without you being present, so long as you take the time to prepare for what could happen if or when you are gone. Not everyone will always be able to be on call, but if you set up the processes ahead of time and have a plan of attack for when the worst case scenario sort of issues start to occur then you can save yourself the stress as well as the possibility of losing clients and customers at the same time.

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