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Learn What Are The Key Aspects To Consider When Buying An Email Marketing Tool

In order to establish effective communication with potential customers, it is essential to use e-mail. This method of approach is making it possible to forge the best relationships between brands and users, so it is essential to start using it now and, to do so, choosing the best software is key.

Implementing the right marketing strategies will result in the fulfilment of all your objectives. It is a path that will lead to almost certain sales when the plan to follow is oriented towards realistic and feasible results.

When implementing this process, it is essential to carry out a bulk email tool comparison. This task, although it may seem tedious at times, is one of the safest actions to ensure that the investment you are going to make, both in terms of resources and time, really takes effect. And, to help with this, today we will look at a series of aspects that need to be measured before making any decision.

Free accounts

Starting the journey by reviewing what each company has to offer at its most basic level, which are the free accounts, is an eye-opener that already says a lot about the value they give to their customers and potential customers. This is a great advantage because it allows you to get an inside look at how the software works without paying a single dollar for it.

The main thing here to make the right decision is to assess how many emails you are allowed to send per month and how many people you can have subscribed to your newsletters at most.

Mailrelay is the one with the best offer in this case because its proposal is based on a maximum monthly sending limit of 80 thousand, with no daily limits, and a maximum number of subscribers of up to 20 thousand. In the case of Mailjet, they offer an unlimited quota of subscribers with the limitation that only 200 emails can be sent per day up to a maximum of 6,000 in a month. Finally, Acumbamail is a company that limits the number of subscribers to 250 and establishes a maximum of 2,000 emails per month, with a daily maximum of 250.

Another important detail of the free accounts is that they may include advertising. In the case of Mailrelay there is no advertising, but Mailjet includes a logo, while Acumbamail has a link that refers to the fact that the email was sent from its platform.

Technical support

Learn What Are The Key Aspects To Consider When Buying An Email Marketing Tool - 1

Having support while managing the tool is essential to successfully achieve the objectives set, especially when you do not have much knowledge in this area. And, even if you do, unforeseen events can always arise, and it is better to have a guide available to turn to for help.

Mailrelay covers all available options, even in the free account, as they have support for chat, phone, email, among others. In the case of Mailjet, it has support from the first payment plan and Acumbamail has reserved this information, so there is no clarity on the subject.


Nothing makes life easier for brands these days than automation, and email marketing is no exception. Freeing yourself from the commitment of doing everything manually, or at least greatly reducing it, should be part of everyone’s goals when choosing software.

At this point, it is important to note that Mailrelay has a limited use for this function, as its main purpose is oriented to the well-known newsletters. In any case, creating a welcome sequence will not be a major problem and will be available from the free account.

In terms of automation, Mailjet has them available only in the premium plan, so it is essential to pay before you can use them. On the other hand, Acumbamail has these options from the basic paid account.


Measuring everything you do in the world of digital marketing is essential to know what works and what doesn’t. Statistics are the easiest way to achieve this goal. Statistics are the easiest way to achieve this goal because they allow you to collect the most relevant data automatically and only analyse it according to what you expect to know.

Mailjet gives a valuable contribution in this regard because they have advanced level statistics available from the free account itself. Acumbamail has some statistics available in the free version and all complete statistics in the paid version. Finally, Mailrelay has all the options available from the free account, with real-time statistics.


Segmentation is a very useful function to further increase the chances of a customer buying. It allows you to group subscribers under certain criteria to give them the information that is most useful to them. For example, for a business that talks about business, you could work on segmentation between entrepreneurs, medium and large companies.

Mailrelay offers different options to segment the audience that has subscribed to the list. In the case of Mailjet, it will be possible to use it, but in those accounts that are paid at premium level or higher. For its part, Acumbamail does not report if it has this feature available for its users.


Although there are many more elements to see, we want to conclude this list with the newsletter editor. The editor is the space that the user will use to build his message and arrange all the elements within it. Here, it is also important that the editor is sized according to the screen size used.

It is important that the editor has a simple operation system, which allows you to perform the actions easily, so that even a beginner can succeed in the construction of the message with little knowledge. In the case of Mailrelay, the editor is so easy to use that you only need to select the elements to include from the list available, drag and drop them to the place where you want to set them.

Knowing all these elements and assessing what will and won’t be available when hiring an email marketing software is essential to make the best decision. Reviewing each aspect separately can be exhausting, but by reviewing a post like this one, half the journey will be done.