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Invisalign Tech Changes the Face of Orthodontics

Many of us who are past a certain age remember our years of monthly visits to the orthodontists. We were happy to improve our appearance and sometimes fix serious mouth issues with braces and retainers and the technology of the day, but we definitely suffered to make it happen.

Since then, there have been many amazing innovations in the field and perhaps the most impactful has been Invisalign aligners. These things are truly amazing, especially when compared to traditional orthodontic treatments.

Invisalign  technology was recently invented and consists of a series of clear overlays you wear over your teeth in series. offers several distinct advantages over more traditional treatments. Here are the main ones:

1) They are truly 99.9% invisible.

In the majority of social situations, nobody will have the slightest idea you are receiving orthodontic treatment; they are that good! This is especially important for adult customers in business situations because let’s face it: appearance is still king in this world, and you can’t ignore it. Many people still feel that a face full of metal kind of takes away from the gravitas you want to have in many business situations.

2) They are REMOVABLE.

This is the biggie, perhaps. There are no issues with having to use that annoying special dental floss, since you just remove them and floss and that’s it.  There is no more worrying about food getting stuck in them, since you take them out to eat as well, of course.  They do have to be cleaned naturally, but cleaning them is so easy compared to the annoyance of picking food out of braces, using special floss etc.

3) They cost the same or less compared to braces.

You’d think a technology that provides so many advantages would cost double or even triple that of braces, but they actually come in at amounts very similar to those of traditional braces.

There are still some corrections that are severe for Invisalign technology to handle by itself, but here’s the good news: You can easily combine treatments, maybe getting traditional braces for those crucial first several months to get that moving power for those crucial teeth, then switch to Invisalign for the rest of the treatment.

If you haven’t really researched this technology and you know you have orthodontic treatment in your near future, you definitely owe it to yourself to read up on them. Chances are you will agree and ask your orthodontist for this treatment, if at all possible.