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If Your Business Has Company Vehicles, You Will Benefit from This Software.

Managing your fleet effectively entails a countless amount of responsibilities, from driver safety to reducing transport and staff costs. Wouldn’t it be bliss if there was software to accurately take on some of those tasks?

Route planning software is a system that specialises in finding optimal routes for drivers, considering factors such as…

– Fastest

– Shortest

– Fewest changes possible

– Lowest cost

Fleet management software can aid and benefit your business operations massively.

Reduced Costs


Fuel is a huge outflow for fleet businesses, I can often be the biggest operating cost. Improving fuel efficiency will be beneficial to your business as it will allow that huge cost to be decreased without effective operations for customer satisfaction.

There are small tips and tricks that can help make the most out of your fuel, but in order to make significant savings a route planner will be the best choice for your business.

The routes made by a route planner will be more efficient and therefore typically result in cutting miles as well as fuel costs. Not only does being more fuel-efficient lower costs, it also reduces your businesses carbon footprint as carbon emissions are reduced.


First time drivers often have to pay high insurance costs, or are offered the chance to install an ‘black box’ to monitor their driving in order to ensure they are sticking to speed limits and driving as safe as possible to avoid a crash. This system lowers their insurance as it allows the insurance providers to ensure they are safe.

A route planner can also monitor driving habits, keeping an eye on breaking, speed and may other factors to determine of their drivers are being as safe as possible. This monitoring can reduce your fleets insurance as it can act as proof that the drivers are a low risk and the chance of a road accident is low.


The fewer miles travelled, the less maintenance the vehicles will require. Also, the more efficient each vehicle becomes, the less will be needed to complete the workload of your business and so you may be able to reduce your fleet and save large cost on vehicles by having fewer, while also reducing labour costs as less drivers are required.


Identifying the quickest routes will lead to drivers spending less time on the road and therefore lowering the costs of labour. The ability for drivers to complete jobs quicker will allow the number of jobs done per day to increase and therefore increasing profits as well as customer satisfaction increasing your businesses ability to compete against more established businesses.

Increased Efficiency


Increasing productivity is the number one method of improving profitability within your business and a route planner will allow more jobs to be completed in a day as drivers are completing jobs at a quicker rate.

As well as the capability for more jobs to be completed and so more customers can be taken on, the route planner can also monitor and allow managers to compare employee productivity and see which employees are preforming the best and which need to be more motivated. This can allow your business to reward those who are preforming well and let that act as reinforcement to other employees to also preform to those standards.

Productivity leads to profit, efficiency, customer satisfaction and so much more, so is of a top priority and made easy with a route planner.

Accurate Data


A planned route will avoid road with obstructions such as traffic, road accidents or road closures. Planning with consideration to these factors will prevent drivers being taken by surprise or set back productivity as they have already been accounted for and therefore prevents managers or drivers worrying.

The software provides quality communication between drivers and managers allowing changes or obstructions to be communicated and make drivers aware or route changes or added time to the journey, as well as updating customers on these changes to keep them up to date with their service.

ETA (Customer Service)

The optimised routes provide a more accurate estimated time of arrival. The ability to generate an accurate progress report for customers will improve their experience with your business and encourage them to be loyal to you.