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How Wearable Technology Is Changing People’s Lives

Wikipedia refers to the wearable technology as, “clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies.”

Personally, I found the definition a bit rigid. Upon researching further, I learnt that they are the advanced devices and applications that incorporate technology in them to perform certain tasks. The tasks can be for multiple uses, such as health, fitness or aesthetic purposes. Some examples include heart rate monitors, GPS trackers, smart watches, wearable cameras and fitness trackers to mention but a few. Now that you have the concept read on and let me explain how wearable technology is changing people’s lives.

Disabled Persons

There are wearable gadgets that are designed to enhance the senses of people that have some kind of impairment. In short, if a person is not completely deaf or blind, there are devices that can help improve their conditions. The technologies amplify light or sound, allowing them to hear or see just like we do. Therefore, in this way, these people get to live normal lives.

Better Health

The medical fraternity has not been left behind. There are applications, such as First apps, that are designed to execute medical functions. For example, some smart watches or smartphones can measure a person’s heart rate. Others measure the pressure of blood and notify the user. They have changed people’s lives in that they can predict health problems before they are full-blown and save lives.

Achieving Goals

I never realized that I was a user of wearable technology until I began the research to compose this post. I have a smart watch that counts the number of steps that I take every 24 hours. In this way, I can tell whether I have attained the daily recommended distance that I should cover. There are more wearable gadgets that conduct better and more complex tasks. These include losing weight, exercising, directions on how to quit smoking and the number of hours that a person sleeps. Concisely, meeting goals just became simpler.

Enhanced Security

The final way that wearable technology is changing people is through making security and navigation simpler. There are watches that connect to smartphones and can show a foreigner the way around New York! They can give visual or audio directions. Again, some wearable gadgets are fitted with GPS trackers and parents can monitor their children’s movements from their smartphones or from the comfort of their homes.

Evidently, there is so much that wearable technology has to offer, and which significantly simplify our lives. I will be honest with you that if you are not using any of these technologies, then you are missing out a lot!