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How we Imagined the Internet back in the 1960’s

If you today ask a kid on how he sees the future of computers, most likely he will answer you explaining he will most likely see him self having some sort of Iron-Man basement with holograms and a 1980’s kid would probably give you a pretty accurate description of some sort of technology featured in Star Wars, but what did people in 1969 think “the Internet” and computers will look and work like in the future?

This video from 1969 shows how a normal family would make daily use of a computer and the Internet. It is funny to see that the wife seems only to be using a computer to shop online and “What the wife selects on her console will be paid for by the husband at his counterpart counsel” (i think this line seems to be the most accurate, as far as predicting the future goes). The husband shows how he would keep track of all the expenses of his wife and printing these out “getting a instantaneous printed copy of his budget, taxes he owns, payments left on the car, etc.” What is very interesting to see is the “Home correspondent machine” or “home post office” which essentially seems to be doing what today Emails are for.

How did you imagine the Internet would be in the future? were your predictions accurate? Let us know!