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How Video Conferencing Has Kept Us Connected Throughout COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has brought about many changes to our society, our economy, and our daily lives. Where once we could gather and celebrate, drinking and eating together, we’re now forced to abstain from close contact; forgoing many of the classic summer activities we’ve come to love so much. While 2020 might be coming to a close, the COVID-19 pandemic is still claiming lives and affecting how we live.

Luckily for us, there have been tools at our disposal, such as conference calling services, that have helped keep us all connected, even during the height of quarantine. Video meetings and calls have helped us remember the faces of those we love, and kept many businesses intact through the worst of the crisis.

Let’s look a bit closer at how video conferencing has kept us connected throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

The Need To Social Distance

Social distancing means keeping at least six feet apart, which is hardly conducive to concerts, dinner parties, Friday-night pub crawls, and other social activities. Unfortunately, we’ve had to sacrifice social activities and keep away from even our closest loved ones in the name of caution. The novel Coronavirus has claimed nearly 1.6 million lives worldwide, and continues to do so even as vaccines are rolling out across the country.

Without being able to meet in person, we might have lost a bit more of our sanity if not for video conferencing tools. They give us the option of connecting to loved ones, friends, and even our jobs in stunning HD quality. It’s as close as we can get to standing right next to each other, without the added risk of passing on or catching the Coronavirus.

Without video conferencing software, we might have had to take more extreme measures to see those we love, or even resort to writing letters once more. Ok, maybe it wouldn’t have gotten that bad, but it’s true that video conferencing services have helped fill the void for us.

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A New Market

Before the pandemic hit, the video conferencing software industry had plenty of customers, both on the “free” end of the spectrum, and on the premium side of things. But, as the pandemic began to force everyone home, suddenly, we needed video conferencing tools for school, for work, and to stay sane.

The market added millions of users this year, from educational organizations looking to host remote classes to corporate entities trying to keep their businesses together. This new market has provided a unique opportunity to completely change the way we communicate, the way we do business, and even the way our children learn. Time will tell how much of an effect this will have on us in the future.

Businesses Turning To Conferencing To Survive

If not for video conferencing software, there’s a good chance that more businesses would have gone under. Thousands of businesses across the country and the world have been forced to shut their doors forever, and the ones that remained open had a choice: evolve or perish. Luckily, there were tools available to help smooth the transition and keep things rolling.

Now, as more and more businesses have turned to remote work, they’re finding that it’s both more affordable and more productive. Video conferencing software acts as the catalyst for this new productivity, and the glue that keeps these newly-remote organizations together.

Loved Ones And Friends

What would we have done without the support of our closest loved ones and friends during the pandemic? What would we have done if we couldn’t look upon the faces of our mothers, brothers, and significant others? The video conferencing services that we once took for granted have now become a true necessity to our interpersonal connections.

Some services have even offered discounts or completely free services to ensure that everyone stays connected while social distancing. With so many people affected by the pandemic in their finances, it would seem that video conferencing companies are among the few who are putting aside their own needs for the sake of the community and society as a whole.

The Future Of Meetings

Meetings have come a long way from stuffy conference rooms. Now, we can participate in both in-person meetings and hybrid meetings. Remote teams are more effective than ever, with HD remote video conferencing software to keep them connected and up-to-date. Will the Coronavirus change our meetings from here on out?

There’s a good chance we’ll focus more on remote meetings to avoid gathering in large groups. Not to mention, hosting a remote meeting is often more accessible and convenient than hosting one in a conference room. We’ll be watching the conferencing industry closely to see what further changes it brings to the way we gather and meet with one another. Until then, stay safe, practice the COVID guidelines, and don’t forget to wear a mask!