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How to make Android apps believe Wifi is connected with Fake Android Wifi

You might have come across some apps that force you to use wifi or the app won’t work or some features won’t be available to you this can be very annoying, right? A new Xposed Module can solve this problem making the app believe it is connected to Wifi while in reality you are using your mobile data (3G or 4G)

The module allows you to enable or disable this feature for any app you want. The change will take affect immediately. Some apps won’t appear on the list but once it has been opened, you can select the app by the task when the app starts

How to install the Fake Android Wifi Xposed Module

  1. Before we start, we highly recommend you back up your Android device. Learn how to do so here
  2. In order for this module to work the Xposed Framework is required.
  3. You can learn more about the framework and how to install it in our in-depth guide here
  4. Download the FakeWifiConnection.apk file here
  5. Open the Xposed Installer
  6. Navigate to Modules
  7. Tick the “FakeWifiConnection”
  8. Reboot Your Device

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