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How to Make an App in 4 Easy Steps using Builder Studio

As the world moves towards an increasingly digital economy, app development has slowly become one of the most searched subjects on Google. To be specific, most businesses want to find out either how to make an app or how much it costs to make an app. Either way, there is no single way to answer the question. Think of app development as buying a house. You could choose from a villa, penthouse or a studio apartment. They would all have different surface area, locality, quality of construction, additional facilities and so on. Therefore, they would all also vary in cost.

The same applies to software development. You can choose:

  1. Either an app or website
  2. Either Android, iOS or both
  3. Either static or dynamic website
  4. Either a big IT company, SaaS platform, small software boutiques or the many options in between

The above isn’t an all-inclusive list and yet gives you a glimpse to the factors that determine the timeline and cost of software development, among others. Software development has always meant innumerable other challenges, such as delivering on time, creating flawless products, deciding on fair pricing and safeguarding the idea. Globally, software development is faced with the same set of challenges. But, there is one company that has been working to change this.

Builder Studio by is a platform that lets people create on-demand, tailor-made software in a fraction of the cost and time. Their after-care services, Builder Care, keeps software/apps up-to-date, and for businesses in need of an infrastructure to support growth, their cloud solution, Builder Cloud, combines all the best providers into one platform to deliver the best possible price.

On that note, here is how you can make an app in 4 easy steps using Builder Studio:

#1 Select your tech

In the first step, you let them know what type of software you want to create. Is it an app, website or shopping platform? Do you want your app specifically for a wearable device? Once you’ve picked the type of software you want, answer a simple set of questions so they can begin spec’ing out your idea free of charge. Awesome, right?

‍#2 Pick your base features

‍You have an idea, has the features to bring it to life – all as easy as ordering a pizza. So, in this second step, you’ll drag and drop elements from their library of over 500 reusable features for your new creation. They’ll help you customise these later on, don’t worry!

How to Make an App in 4 Easy Steps using Builder Studio - 1

#3 Choose your timeline and scale

‍Do you want your idea created within the next week? Their sprawling, global team and Capacity Partner network of over 75,000 technical and creative experts can make it happen! Simply tell them what you want delivered (prototype, MVP or the full build) and how quickly you want it done. Whether you’re looking to launch your application this month or this year, you’ll find 4 options to make it happen–from a ‘relaxed’ pace to ‘speedy’ which automatically adjusts your spec (what they call your Build Card).

‍#4 See your idea come alive!

‍Now, your Build Card is ready. Do you like how it looks so far? This is your idea fully fleshed out, including guaranteed pricing and deadlines. If it’s finished sooner, you’ll pay less. But if it takes longer, you won’t pay more. That’s guaranteed! This last step wouldn’t be the end of your journey together. Next, a knowledgeable, passionate Customer Product Expert (CPEs) will lead you through step-by-step to understand your vision and goals. Once you start your build, their human-assisted AI manages a team of over 75,000 expert software developers and creatives from across the globe to execute. Lastly, each one of our clients gets a dashboard for full transparency with live updates and progress. You can also make adjustments at any time.

No matter the nature of business, succeeding means staying ahead of the competition at all times. In this digital age, where an average person spends over three hours on their mobile phone each day, true business potential lies in digital. Customers now prefer to communicate with businesses online – whether it’s through an app or a website. However, while businesses recognise this, traditionally a lack of technical knowledge or capital has been a barrier.

Thankfully, with Builder Studio, you never have to worry about any of that.