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Some Notable Features of Zoho Projects

In the event that you’re in the market for project management, at that point, chances are, you’ve must have heard about Zoho Projects. If not, Zoho Projects is a popular online project management application that assists organizations with monitoring tasks, work together, and remains in line with updates. On the market since 2006, Zoho’s project management solution has become a must-have tool for all modern businesses.

This article will give you more insights into the advantages of Zoho Projects, explaining what makes it one best tool.

The highlights and advantages of Zoho Projects

Numerous organizations use Zoho Projects as their sole work management software. Here are the top features of Zoho that make it outshine the rest.

Gantt Charts

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Gantt charts are simply one more approach to envision the progress of pending tasks and projects. With Gantt charts, you can see everything about your functions, including the set deadlines, task records, level of culmination, past assignments, and conditions. Every classification is doled out in alternate shading, making it simple to recognize each task.

On the off chance that you have to reschedule or revamp your tasks, it’s simple as ABC with Gantt charts. You can adjust your plans by including projects, moving an assignment starting with one area of the chart, onto the next, thereby altering set deadlines.

Also, you can switch up the perspectives on your graph contingent upon the kind of data you need. For instance, suppose you need to realize which tasks have deadlines approaching. You can switch the view option on the Gantt graph to show you forthcoming due dates at first.

Lastly, you can tweak the Gantt diagrams dependent on your inclinations. This incorporates the capacity to scale the graph, channel the data, and export the data when needed.


The Feed includes actions just like a social media platform. With Feeds, anybody in your group can post a snappy update, making correspondence easy-peasy. Additionally, the room for mistakes is removed as communication happens with the entire team involved.

You can likewise choose “Activity Stream” inside Feeds to see the latest updates sorted in chronological order. That way, you can be confident you never miss an update from anyone in your group.


Monitoring the measure of time all your colleagues work can be an issue. That is, except if you computerize the procedure and incorporate it directly into your tool responsible for project management like Zoho Projects does.

Timesheets record all the subtleties of your working day. It marks the second you begin working from the second you quit working and discloses to you how much time you spent on every one of your doled out projects and sub-tasks. Also, Timesheets additionally incorporates a clock you can start and stop to assist you with computing work hours in a specific task or project.

In addition to the fact that Timesheets keeps track of your time, it additionally permits you to record your billing hours, select reports dependent on clients, and create invoices and send it to your customers. It’s an exhaustive method to ensure invoicing is precise and with Zoho, all this happens in a blink of an eye with zero errors.

Reporting Tools

What is the purpose of any software for project management without reporting instruments? The appropriate response: very little or you may say equivalent to being useless. Zoho Projects goes well beyond with regards to reporting tools. In addition to its own reports and integrated dashboards, Zoho Projects works with Zoho Analytics where you get full access to 50+ reports and its designated dashboard.

Zoho Projects likewise makes it simple by permitting you to drag, drop, email, share, export and print reports freely. With Zoho Projects, you’ll effectively have the option to follow your group’s progress, monitor significant KPIs, and make changes in accordance with your workflow system.

The objective of Zoho Projects is to make team collaboration spontaneous. Zoho empowers businesses with tools that free them to do what they do best. Zoho Projects helps every project turn into a success story.