How to install Android M Launcher without Root on any Android device

Android M is currently in beta and can be installed on just a few devices. That Android M is still in beta means that it most likely shouldn’t be used as a daily driver as bugs could cause the system to crash, it should be used for testing only. Android M brought many changes to Android and some of these can be installed on your device without actually installing Android M

By Installing the Android M launcher you will get the new revamped app drawer that sorts apps alphabetically, keeps a convenient Favorites list dynamically updated and changes horizontal scrolling to vertical.Android M Launcher

How to install Android M Launcher without Root

  1. Download the Android M Launcher .apk file
  2. Once installed, open up the .APK file
  3. Once done, make sure to select “Use Google Now Launcher as home” and press the “Always” option
  4. Once done, install the Velvet App .apk file
  5. A popup will show, select “New” and then “install”
  6. Go to the Settings > Apps.
  7. Once there, find Google Now Launcher and tap on it, and tap Clear cache.
  8. Do the same for the Google App, and you’re golden!
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