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How to Get the Most Out of Your Phone (Case)

Smartphones offer so much more than just the ability to call someone on the other side of the country. Phones these days are our cameras, music players, to-do lists, fitness trackers, and more. It only makes sense to protect these devices that give us so much on a daily basis. The type of phone case you use not only provides protection, but the potential for a multifunctional use that continues to make daily life simpler.

What are some features for these next level phone cases? Let’s take a look!

Charge Up

Yes, travel chargers are definitely a thing. Phone cases that also charge your phone are even better though. Instead of dealing with additional wires and devices to charge your phone, you just use your phone case. It brings battery power to the palm of your hand and makes it easier to stay plugged in. Plus, some charging cases come in cool designs so you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality; like these marble ones from getcasely.

Wallet Cases

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Wouldn’t it be easier to have your wallet and phone in one convenient package? This is an option with the multifunctional aspect of a wallet case. They come in endless design options and often include specific slots for cards and cash. Keeping everything in one spot can eliminate the need for a bulky wallet on top of your phone. Plus, the wallet creates extra padding to keep your phone protected. Some designs offer detachable wristlets, allowing you to keep hold of your cards, phone, and cash as you go about your day.

Waterproof Case

While we have mastered a lot of things in the technology world, most phones remain susceptible to water damage. This is why waterproof cases remain a multifunctional feature people tend to seek out. If you are an outdoorsy adventurer with a penchant for water sports, you probably already have a waterproof case. The important factors to consider in a waterproof case is whether or not it impacts the camera lens quality or the touchscreen capabilities. Being waterproof is great, but not if it ultimately detracts from your ability to use the phone.

Photo Enhancer

Social media influencers will find their home with phone cases that enhance camera quality and photo readiness. Some of these cases are simple additions, like a wallet case featuring a mirror to do a quick check before taking a picture. Others offer different lens attachments to make your photos unique, like a fisheye or macro lens. One of the more popular multifunctional cases for are the ones that have built in lighting enhancements. Certain cases have built-in LED lights to improve any sub-par lighting setting. Any of these additions will lead to better photo results, making this a case that does more than protect your phone.

Storage Case

‘Storage case’ might make you think of a wallet case, but this is more than that. A storage case is ideal for the frequent traveler. It offers built in storage for credit cards as well as a charge cable and sometimes earphone storage as well. It eliminates the need to rummage through your bag for a charging cable before takeoff and ensures you’ll never leave your headphones at home again. This type of case sometimes has a built-in stand to allow you to prop your phone. This makes video calls and watching shows on the go a breeze. These might be a little chunky, but are no issue if you keep your phone in your bag rather than a pocket.

Of course, at the end of the day, your case also needs to protect your phone. Each of these multifunctional cases gives different levels of protection to your phone. As long as you keep durability in mind when purchasing, you’ll find the right fit for your needs.