HipHop is the PopCorn Time for music

Remember PopCorn time? the service that allows you to stream movies for free? Well, meet HipHop. a similar service to Popcorn time but for music. The service has a familiar and friendly looking UI, you can create playlist and search for artist, songs and albums it uses youtube videos to pull the audio from.

HipHop app

The service is available on PC, Mac and Linux is 100% free and doesn’t require registration. There are currently more then 45 million songs available.

About the Author

Hello, my name is Niels Bosch
and i am the founder of AmongTech. Currently living in the South of Spain. My main interests are web development, playing video games once in a while, Apple, Marketing and SEO. I am currently studying Business administration, Networking & Security and Database management and will be doing so for the next year.


  1. Just a note, this doesn’t work exactly the same as popcorn time. It is essentially a youtube client; the content it streams is from youtube (minus the video) and has nothing to do with the bittorrent protocol

      1. If you are going to edit an article which results in a comment not making sense, at least delete the whole thread rather than making it look like the commenter can’t read properly

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