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Android 6.0 M Release Date, Features and Rumors

While Google is working hard on Android 5.1 a small team of developers has already started working on Google’s new version of Android called Android 6.0 M. While not all too much is known about Android 6.0 some interesting information has leaked over the past few weeks giving us some insight into what Google is working on.

Android 6.0 M Release Date

Of course, one of the most interesting details is the release date. Google is expected to roll out Android 5.1 early 2015 and the next closes release will be 6.0 “M” Late October or Early November of 2015. We will most likely see Google announce 6.0 at Google I/O  and see it appear on users devices Late 2015.

Android 6.0 M What does “M” Mean?

The first time “M” was mentioned was in the source code of Android as developers can’t keep quiet about new features that will be integrated into the 6.0. As far as the meaning of “M” it could be: Android Milky Bar, Android Milky Way, Android Marshmallow, Android M&Ms, Android Mud Cake… What do you think the M means?

Android 6.0 M

Android M in the Car

According to Reuters, Android 6.0 will have a significant focus on Google’s Android Auto software. This means that users (without plugging in their phone) will be able to control all of your vehicles entertainment, messaging and GPS in a standalone format. The first cars running Android Auto will be released this year.

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