Google to refund users who purchased fake Virus Shield app

Remember that fake anti-virus app that hit the number 1 spot on the Play Store called Virus Shield? Well, Google will fully refund the $3.99. Google has been sending out emails to everyone who has purchased the app informing the users that in the upcoming 14 days the money will be send back to the account it was used to purchase it from

We’re reaching out to you because you recently purchased the ‘Virus Shield’ app on Google Play, this app made the false claim that it provided one-click virus protection; in reality, it did not.

And thats not all, Google is also giving a $5 promotional credit to say “sorry”, these $5 can then be used to purchase other apps (make sure you don’t purchase a fake anti-virus app this time!). The creator of the app told the Guardian that the app was a mistake and shouldn’t have been on the Play Store. Jesse Carter, the creator won’t get any of the $3.99 he made for every of the 30.000 downloads. Don’t forget to check out our post regarding the Best Anti-virus for Android.

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  1. So good… They didn’t check what kind of app they let in to the store… Google is loosing money for their own mistakes. Anyone can make a scam app like that, the only thing stopping you from uploading it to the store is a smart moderator.

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