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Google Pen 15 a gift from Google due to its 15th anniversary

We all know Google is turning 15, founded in 1998 Google has become the biggest search engine in the world and one of the most profitable companies in the world, with over 87.8 billion monthly worldwide searches and over 1 billion visitors a day. But something you might not know is the fact that people who live in house number 15, in one of the 15 selected states, located on the 15th street or avenue will receive one of the 15 Google pens. Redditor brefoo posted this to the famous social network Reddit  he says his parents live on house number 15 in Chicago and got a green Google pen and the following letter from Google:

Google turns 15 this month and you happen to live on a 15th street in one of the most populous US cities! Here is a little token to celebrate.

And it later continues to explain the reason why they have received this “little token” in the mail

What this about?  As a part of our 15th birthday, 15 pens were sent out to 15 addresses on a 15th street or avenue in 15 different states with cities determined by population size. Its just us having a little fun for our special day. Thanks for celebrating with us!

Lets be honest, we’re all a little disappointed its not a Google Glass they found in the mail. Make sure to read our Google Search Now “Make me a sandwich” easter egg. [We do have to mention that: As of now no confirmation from Google on if this is real or fake.]