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Google Glass now compatible with iPhone

Google has just released a new app called “MyGlass” finally making Google’s latest wearable technology gadgets compatible with iOS. The app will allow you to access your contact list, you can install Glass apps through the App (Make sure to check out our list of the Top 5 must have Google Glass apps) and you will be able to mirror what you see on your Glass to the iPhone’s display.

The app doesn’t support as many features as it currently does on Android but we expect Google to update the app soon adding these features, among those are notifications and support for iTunes Radio and the Apple Music app. Here are some pictures showing off the app’s interface:

The app connects to your Google Glass through Bluetooth technology which has to be enabled at all time in order for the app to work. You can check out the app in the App Store. Here is a video released by Google several weeks ago showing off Google Glass


Update: The app has been removed from the App Store

Update 2: The app is up again, you can download it from here

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