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​Things to Know When Starting a Technology Company


​Things to Know When Starting a Technology Company - 1

Starting a company and being an entrepreneur is more popular and more accessible than ever before. There are so many different tools and platforms out to help. While companies of all kinds are being built, companies in the tech space are the ones really taking off due to the massive increases in innovation.

However, starting a tech company can be a little bit different than a traditional one for a number of reasons. Thus, there are some things you definitely need to take into account if you are working for a startup tech company or starting one.


Make Sure the Technological Knowledge is There

As much as everyone wishes they could create the next Snapchat, GoPro, Apple or other massively popular tech company, that just isn’t possible. Simply put, if you are starting a tech company, you or a co-founder or outsourced individual need to have technological knowledge.

Now, they or you don’t have to be highly educated experts, but they need to know enough about the technology you are utilizing in your company to effectively use and understand it. If a bunch of people with zero tech knowledge try and make a tech company (with no help), it likely won’t end very well, as they simply won’t know how the technology works or behaves.

Don’t Forget About Manufacturing

​Things to Know When Starting a Technology Company - 2

One of the most often-overlooked aspect of any technology company is the actual manufacturing that goes into making a prototype or product. Most people simply cannot do manufacturing in-house and require a company or individual to do it for them. Some people might forget about this step until it is too late.

You want to go with a company that not only has a great track record, but can also complete your request efficiently and effectively. You should look for a company like 3ERP, as they tick off all the boxes you should be looking for in a manufacturer.

You Will Need to Do a Lot of Research

With how crazy innovating and technology is getting, we are seeing new companies and ideas popping up nearly every single day. As a result, you should heavily research your idea or product to see who else is doing it, if anyone. You don’t want to waste a ton of time, energy and money doing something that someone is already doing much better than you.


You will also want to do significant target marketing and see which type of person will want to use your product and service, and see how it may evolve over time. The tech company market is quite saturated, so you want to make sure you can offer a unique or better solution before you dive in.

Don’t Box Yourself In

When it comes to technology, we really don’t know the full capabilities of the various innovations out there. Because of this, your business model shouldn’t be iron-clad and you should be willing to be flexible if innovation occurs in your space.


Too many times a company will think that the technology they work with can only have a single purpose, only to put too much stock into that purpose and have a new one come out a few months later. Never box yourself in and always look for ways to improve and be more efficient.