Funny things to ask Cortana

When Siri was first released , many people discovered that besides asking her serious questions such as ‘What’s the weather like’, you could also say stuff to her like ‘I love you’ which would result in some very funny responses. And just like Siri, Microsoft’s new Cortana also has some jokes up her sleeve as well.

Microsoft’s Mike Calcagno, who oversees the Bing search platform which is how Cortana answers questions, explained that he took note of how people asked questions to Siri, some seemingly useless, and how they generate a real value. “I discounted those types of interactions at the beginning” he said, but after using Siri, he saw how those questions have a role in making a stronger connection and helping people feel more comfortable talking to a digital assistant.

So when Microsoft do release Cortana and you’re wanting to get more comfortable with her, then here are a few questions you can ask to break the ice (for those unfamiliar with the service, you can read the question bellow in the white box and see the answer in the top in yellow letters):

Cortana’s Gender

Sometimes she identifies as female, but not as a women. So perhaps she know’s female, but just lacking a woman’s body, for obvious reasons.

Cortana’s Loyalty 

Cortana was created by Microsoft, so its no surprise that Cortana is very loyal to her creators and their products. So when you ask her what’s better, Bing or Google, I think you know which one she’ll pick.

Cortana’s Creator

Ask her who created her, she’ll give you some deep, philosophical answer, but ask her who her Daddy is (which is kind of creepy) then she’ll name the man himself.

Love for Xbox and Halo

Naturally when you ask her what’s better the Playstation 3 or Xbox, she picks her favorite Microsoft system. She even makes a connection to Halo when asked who’s better, herself or Siri.

Cortanas Taste in Music

And finally if you ask her what her favorite kind of music is, she tell what she’s currently listening too. She also cracks a few jokes from time to time as well.

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    1. Tell her you hate her. You love her. she’s the best. Am I pretty. Are you horny? Do you have a vagina… Thats a funny one… If windows is her boyfriend. What are you wearing…. She knows most general animal. Horse and fox are the best. Who’s better her or Siri? Any family brother, sister and mom OR dad…. Sing joke knock knock… There’s a lot…

  1. if u ask her what does a cat say she’ll say meooooow and if u ask her what does the dog say she’ll say arph arph arph

  2. My som asked how is the master chief (halo reference)
    Her answer was so good. That I told her she was great and that response was also great.
    When I said My son thinks you are funny she referred me to this page!

    So the responses here have not even touched the surface of conversing with Cortana.
    It’s great fun.

  3. ask “What is your quest?” – Monty Python Holy Grail response
    say “Beam me up” – Star Trek
    say “engage” – Star Trek TNG

  4. Cortana is awesome. If you ask her “What’s playing?” or “What am I listening to?” she can name the song. I thought at first she was doing it by listening to lyrics and doing a search, but she can differentiate between different artists and can name songs without lyrics. It’s not only useful, but just amazing that it can be done.

  5. Ask “where is master chief?”–must be through voice–
    And she’ll give two different funny response quotes frome HALO

  6. If you ask her if she sings, she told me at least. I’m no Ellen Fitzgerald but if you ask me to I will. Ask who is better her or Siri and she says o think we are both pretty clever.

  7. if you tell Cortana that she sounds sexy she will acknowledge your compliment and tell you thanks that means alot

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