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FilmoraPro Review: A Professional Video Editor Easily to Use

When it comes to editing the video that you took on your phone, there are countless options out there when you decide to add your own tweaks to it. However, a great many of them have good features that are locked behind a pretty large paywall.

FilmoraPro on the other hand is one of those high-quality film editors that provides all the basics you would expect. It lets you edit clips, rearrange them, control audio, and export them as different files, as all editors do. Then it goes a step further and provides pro service at a seriously competitive price.

Like its competitors, FilmoraPro uses a timeline and lets you move clips around and organize them without too much trouble. You’ll be able to edit each clip individually as well as on the timeline, and correct color lenses and other visual effects when you need them. Plus, if you make a mistake, there’s no limit to how far back you can redo things.

Making the Video Smooth

Any good filmmaker knows that editing and maneuvering clips is only half the battle. Ensuring that the final edited product is nice and smooth happens to be the other half. FilmoraPro gives you a wide aspect of custom animations to make the film smooth. From special effects, transitions, and even control over how long an animation plays, you’ll be able to cut away those rough edges and make sure everything looks good.

FilmoraPro also has some automatic controls to help keep your film in sync when it is edited. You can auto-correct color and ensure that the scene is just the right mix of light and dark. You can also edit the light manually, but sometimes it’s better to let the computer handle it.

Sound Editing

Getting the audio right is one of the banes of many filmmakers because it’s either out of sync, going too fast or too slow, or the volume level is inconsistent. Thankfully, with FilmoraPro, the audio can be automatically synced with the scene and also equalized in volume with just the touch of a button. You can even tap a button to get rid of extraneous background noise that can clutter up the scene. This feature is particularly useful for outdoor audio recordings and saves a ton of hair pulling that normally happens with other video editors.

Then you can export the finished timeline out in various file formats, including directly to platforms like Facebook and YouTube for easier and faster viewing.

Not Always Perfect

Like all things, the software does have a few problems. While they do not diminish the overall quality of FilmoraPro, they are worth mentioning.

If you want to export a part of your timeline, then you need to cut down on your timeline until you only have the part you need and then export it.

The Final Tally

Still, video editing software FilmoraPro is easy to use for both beginner and experienced filmmakers alike and really offers a lot for a low price. If you are a beginner filmmaker who wants an easy to use program, control over your project, and the ability to automate certain tasks such as audio syncing and brightness, then this program is for you.