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Amateur Video Production VS Professional – Read The Difference

Recording videos are now very popular when we have our travel getaways because it captures the most precious moments and unforgettable experiences of your holiday experiences. Traveling during holidays are scheduled for us to unwind, relax, and enjoy what life has to offer in different places around the world.

Surely, at the end of this holiday trip, there would be a great number of photos and videos stored in your hard disk or memory cards. Putting together all these recorded memorable experiences in a single video becomes a big deal. Hence, you will need the best holiday video editing service in town!

An Amateur VS A Professional

What really differentiates a pro from an amateur? If you are considering your holiday videos to be rendered to a quality one, you really have to consider the hands which will be working on them. Will you give your precious shots to a professional or you will work on them on your own?

Video production is considered amateur if it was produced through the use of available online video production software or applications which are usually free or with a minimal subscription fee. They can be manipulated in your own laptops and even in mobile phones.

On the other hand, professional video production services offer very friendly features. You may still use any device to capture and record your memories, then upload them to their secure server. You need to let them know of your favorite clips and let them do the magic. You are also given opportunities to review the result for possible modifications and suggestions, this is done for the guaranteed customer satisfaction. And when everything is done and finalized, you can then download the video and it will be ready for sharing.

The Real Difference

Here are the 6 real differences between amateur and professional video production which will help you which option to choose.

  1. Audio and Visual Quality

Amateurs usually lack the proper audio and video recording equipment, the advanced operative and recording skills, and the length of actual experience needed to master the skills in producing quality videos.

On the other hand, you are more assured of the high quality of videos produced when it is taken care of by the experts in video production because they have the proper audio and video recording equipment needed for shooting and they are also equipped with the necessary skills and technical expertise that go with the current trends. They know what’s best for any kind of video quality including the right visual effects, which boosts the quality of the video as well as its content. They also use other expensive software and advanced equipment like external microphones, tripods, camera stabilizers, and the like to ensure quality.

  1.   Camera Angles

Amateurs usually get a very limited number of recorded shots because they are not skilled in using different video recording equipment, which includes knowing the proper angles and lenses that work best to effectively tell stories.

Professionals in video production know how to capture visually appealing shots and they know how to play with the cameras to get a number of very creative angles efficiently and effectively. They also use the proper lenses for particular shots which give more beauty and life to different shots and scenes. Using the proper lenses and knowing the perfect camera angles can tell a more beautiful and creative storyline.

  1.   Editing Techniques

Mostly, amateurs are not so keen on the quality of audio and video contents in the production of the whole video. They often use the regular video editing software which may result in a usual quality of video output. More so, due to lack of technical expertise, they cannot match the background music with the actual sound of the recorded video. This results in disruptive and unsynchronized audio of the video produced. Similarly, the visual contents of videos produced by amateurs mostly are very limited to what has been recorded and there can be no other ways to improve the overall content and quality of raw videos.

For professional video editors, the most essential stage is the editing, for in here, they get to improve what has been recorded and focus more on the important parts of the story. They use more advanced video editing software guaranteed to produce high-quality videos. In addition, due to their technical expertise, they have the skills to synchronize everything, from the raw videos, audio, transitions, graphics, texts, and visual effects, they can produce a smooth flow of the story and make it more appealing and captivating to the audience.

  1.   Video Script

Amateurs usually do not follow and make a good script before video production, which results in something that doesn’t convey a clear message of what the video is all about. Some even just put all the videos together, cut the raw video clips focusing on some important scenes, add effects, and done! Losing the very essence of the story that happened during the shooting and/or recording of videos.

Whereas, for professionals in video production, making a customized script for every video production project is as important as shooting the scenes and editing the videos. They make sure that a very important message will be produced in the video that will connect to the audience and evoke authentic feelings that were experienced in the scenes.

Amateur Video Production VS Professional - Read The Difference - 1

  1. Time

Experts in video production can accomplish the project fast and efficiently, that is because they already have mastered the skills in editing as well as the technicalities of the high-end video editing programs. They can maximize the time given them to make a video project of high quality.

As for amateurs, there are some of them who can really produce quality videos, it’s just that, they really spend longer time editing and producing a good one. This is because of the fact that they have very limited skills in video editing.  

  1. Cost

If you are after the cost of the video production, and you have a very limited budget for the project, then hiring a professional video editor would be a big problem. Because a professionally-produced 2-minute video costs from $2,500 up to $5,000, and that still depends on the capability and expertise of the professional you hired to make your video.

Whereas amateurs offer a lot more affordable video production cost, and some even provide discounts and promos. They may be not as good as the experts in video editing, but they can also produce good outputs at a very low price for the services they provide.

Final Thoughts

Instead of having an amateur, who only has the basic video editing skills, who will produce the video of your holiday escapade, it would be a lot better to hire professionals who will take care of your beautiful holiday experience. This is because professional video editors can produce the best video output that always guarantees customer satisfaction. The equipment, experience, technical skills, creativity, and passion of these experts can bring a lot of difference in the production of your video that will surely save your time and money in the end. But always remember that you need to pay for the quality.

So if you’re looking for professionals, who are specialized holiday video editors and senior experts, who can best take care of your holiday experiences and you want to turn your holiday video footages into an unforgettable journey, whose love and passion is video editing, hunt for the best holiday video editing services, and your videos will really be in good hands.