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Easily Stream Movies to Your Home Screen with Beelink R68 TV Box

We’re now living in a time when on-demand viewing offers more possibilities than ever before. Sure, not everything is available for streaming on demand. But we have a wealth of options, which means that it’s unlikely that you won’t be able to find anything to watch. Now, we are also gaining new ways of enjoying streamed TV shows and movies.

What’s the point of on-demand streaming and a high-speed wireless connection if you are relegated to watching a movie on a laptop screen? You’ve got a top of the line entertainment system, you bet your ass you’re watching the movie on that! It can be a hassle to have to deal with all of the input settings, though. There’s got to be an easier way to stream media to your home cinema center.

One solution I have found is to make use of a device known as a TV box. To be specific, I tested the Beelink R68 Android TV Box, which describes itself as a “multimedia center… that allows you to play and view content without having to pay for cable or any monthly subscriptions.” Now that sounds like a hell of a deal!

The Beelink R68 is powered by a RK3368 64bits octa core processor, a state-of-the-art chip that enables top-notch performance when presenting high resolution video. It handily manages the high-level graphics processing required to render video content of up to 4K x 2K resolution. You can be sure that you’ll get quality images that you’ll be happy viewing.

The TV box runs on the Android 5.1 system. It is pre-loaded with a bundle of useful and entertaining apps, and you can download more apps from the Google Play Store. You can browse the web and share the view with your flatscreen. You can connect to online audio and video content and stream it to your entertainment system.

The Beelink R68 is an amazing and handy device, and it’s made the world of streaming media a great deal more enjoyable. To find out more check out: