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Different Ways To Read

Reading is a pleasure and favored hobby for many people around the world. The joys of escaping into another world are one that benefits your mental health and keep you away from your smartphone or television for a while. However, did you know that there are many different ways to read? Perhaps you’re the type of person who cannot put a book down and you speed read your way through an entire novel in a day. Or maybe you like to take your time when reading, savoring every word and taking a couple of weeks to finish a book. Perhaps you read multiple books at the same time. Whichever kind of reader you are, everybody has their own unique and distinct reading style.

Let’s say you have just taken advantage of the latest discount offer from AbeBooks and bought a thrilling novel that you cannot wait to start. How do you proceed? Take a look at the different ways to read below and see if any are familiar to you.

Study Reading

Study readers are people who truly enjoy the book in their hands. These readers can be slightly pickier about what books they choose than other types of readers as they invest a significant amount of time in their reading pursuits. When study readers get into a book, they devour every word, every sentence and every detail. The book becomes a major part of their life for a period of time and is never forgotten. A slight issue with study reading is that not every book is worthy of such an investment and choosing the right book, to begin with, is essential.

Skim Reading

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Skim readers want to get through as many books as they possibly can, gobbling up book after book in a very short space of time. This is the most popular form of reading in today’s hectic and time-consuming world, with many people not able to afford the time to study reading a book. One benefit of skim reading is that many books are only worthy of a skim read and it is a great way to consume the main storyline of a book without the intricate details. However, a skim reader can miss out on the joys of study reading an epic novel and understanding the intricacies of such books.

Target Reading

A target reader sets a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly target for their reading exploits. They enjoy reading, but not for too long. They create a date when the book must be finished and religiously stick to that date. These results in the reader combining two of the methods mentioned above – study reading and skim reading. People who use target reading generally begin their latest book with study reading and then proceed to skim reading when trying to finish it according to their deadline. However, there are some target readers who can find a happy middle ground and enjoy the book properly in their allotted time.

These three main forms of reading cover the majority of people. Did you recognize your own reading style? Remember, a combination of both skim and study reading is the perfect reading cocktail!