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Custom Cables: The Helping Hand You Didn’t Know You Needed

When you are working with electronics, power cables, and data systems, you need custom cables that suit your projects perfectly. There are a number of things that you can order when you need a custom cable assembly, and there is a lot below that makes it easier for you to decide what to do.

Custom Cables Provide Better Protection

Custom cables provide better protection for the wires on the inside. These cables are made with heavy rubber jacketing that protects the wires. The cables could have a complex system of wires on the inside, and the jackets withstand heavy use much better. You may be handling these cables every day, or the cables may be used in a dangerous environment.

The Wiring Can Be Designed For Your Purposes

If you would like to order a custom cable, you can ask for the exact amount of voltage that is needed for a power cable. You can request a data cable that will support voice and data. You could request a cable that handles an Internet signal along with voice calls, or you could purchase cables that offer both an Internet signal and power capabilities. The cables could be made for a musical instrument, or you may choose a cable that can sit underwater.

The Cables Can Be Color-Coded

The cables can be color-coded if you want to better organize your systems. Ask the cable assembly company how many color options you have, create a color system to organize your cables, and ensure that you have ordered as many cables as you need. You could buy large spools of a particular color, or you could request cables that has a colorful ribbon on either end. You may also ask for striped cables if you need even more color options.

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Special Jacks

You must request a male or female jack that fits the devices you are working with. You could purchase a special jack that aligns with an old machine, or you could buy extra jacks that will make replacements easy to complete. Plus, you can request a jack that is so unique it has never been seen before. Talk to the cable assembly company about how these jacks are built, which materials are used, and the exact dimensions of each jack.

Which Material Is Used Inside The Cable?

You may ask your cable assembly company to make copper cables, silver cables, or gold cables. You can ask for any metal that you think will work best for the system you are building. The materials that are used inside the cable will improve processing speed or power transfer. Plus, you can ask the assembly company if they can use a combination of wires that is most effective.

How Long Are The Cables?

You have two different options when you purchase your cables. You can buy cables that are a specific length and have the jacks that you order. Also, you can order a spool that has many yards of cable ready to be used. If you are buying long spools of cable, you will save a bit of money. However, a custom cable made in the proper length can transform the projects you are working.


To learn more about cable assemblies, or to work with a cable assembly manufacturer, click here. Working with a cable assembly company can help you create something that is perfect for your systems, especially if you are building new projects that require a certain amount of power or a high connection speed. Plus, you need cables that are safe, easy to organize, and plentiful. You can place a custom order right now, work with the assembly company on the project, and get the exact cabling that is required for each job.