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The Changing Face of the Workplace

The office workplace is very much a changed place from the one common in previous generations.  Gone are the crowded, hectic place that was hot and uncomfortable in summer and cold in the winter.  Gone too is the place where as many people were crammed into a space as possible.  Nor are the changes stopping there as employers recognise that their workforce requires very different conditions to previous generations.

The place of technology

At the front and centre of these changes is the place that technology plays in the workplace.  The internet and changing speed of connections to it have made a big impact in daily working life.  For starters, it has seen the creation of the flexible work life, where people can work from home as easily as in the office.

Greater collaboration is now possible due to developments in cloud technology.  Once travelling to meet a colleague at the other end of the country was time consuming and expensive.  Now people can use video conferencing such as Skype and share documents across the cloud, hold virtually meetings and more, all without leaving the office.

Time management is another element that technology has brought to the workplace.  People are more aware of what they spend their time doing, how to maximise their efficiency and also how to alleviate pressure by being organised.  From simple To-Do lists through to project management software there are loads of ways to help organise the workforce.

A better workplace


Technology has combined with changing attitudes to create a new, modern workplace that is a pleasure for the staff.  Providing offices that have features such as complementary gyms or great quality in-house food is the kind of benefits that BE Offices find their customers now require from office space.   Businesses want revolutionary design in the work areas that create the business lifestyle rather than merely somewhere to work.

In this uncertain world, security is another big concern for many businesses and the combination of technology and workplace environment can help with this.  Physical security works alongside digital security to ensure the business and the employees are safe, protected and that no-one accesses the business in any way.


As technology continues to advance, the Internet of Things is another concept that many businesses are considering implementing.  This interconnected workplace allows businesses to coordinate everything from the heating and air condition systems to the re-ordering of office supplies and makes for an increasingly efficient environment.

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