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CallImportance an app that tells you if a call is important or not

Many of us get several phone calls a day from work, family, friends and the typical annoying advertisement agency trying to sell you something, something we also have in common is that we don’t like wasting our time and when we are for example at work we don’t want to be dealing with non important phone calls, meet CallImportance a new app that will tell you just how important a call really is and if you should take it.

CallImportance is a new app available on Android only  for free, you can costumize what you want the phone to do or how you want it to ring depending on the importance of a call, for example a very important call should ring and vibrate while a non-important call should only vibrate, you can also assign different ringtones to contacts.

The app also features a handy whitelist for people who you don’t want these things to apply like your Family who’s calls are always important (right?). Here is the video where you can see the app in action: