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Using an App for Managing Your Finances

Have you ever wondered where your money went at the middle or end of a financial cycle? Maybe you are even convinced there is no possible way you went through your finances so fast, until you get your account statement with a detailed breakdown of your expenditure. Then you realize you actually did spend all that money.

The good news is that there are several iOS compatible financial management apps that have been developed to effectively manage finances, such as the ‘B’ app,, BillGuard, among others. These apps help track and keep you aware of your spending habits. The best part is that most of these apps are free! Check some out.

How can an App Handle your Financial Dealings?


This helps you plan your monthly expenses. Some of the key attributes of a budget include:

  • Control over your money – When you have control over your finances, you are not caught unawares or shaken by unforeseen circumstances that require spending.
  • Focus on your financial goals – You learn to spend on your needs before your wants. If you are on a tight budget, you spend only on what would help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Keeps you aware of your financial cash flow – You are clear on your cash inflow and outflow. It helps you allocate your funds appropriately towards what you can afford, and to plan for your debt obligations.
  • Organization of expenditure and savings – When you budget, you have a visual reference to guide you towards making smart choices. You plan your expenses and savings accordingly.

Your Life is Easier


A financial management app can make your life easier in several ways:

  • On-time payment of bills – You can set up alerts to know in advance when bills are due to avoid late fees.
  • Spending categories to your actual life – It is good to use an app that allows you to customize and group your spending patterns into categories. Make your budget correspond to your life.
  • Trim budget – Your app can show you how disciplined spending helps you achieve your financial goals. Therefore, it helps to curtail unnecessary spending, and makes you more mindful of investments.
  • Facing the painful truths – Financial apps bring you to terms with reality. They tell you the harsh truths, for example; how much you spend on fast food every week. This app helps you achieve your financial goals because they guide you on how much spending you need to cut down to achieve your goals.
  • Achievement of financial goals – Most apps indicate how close or far off you may be from achieving your goals. This helps you track your progress and re-evaluate your spending habits.
  • Your finance app goes everywhere with you – Apps are used on smart phones, so they are convenient everywhere. While shopping, you can instantly check your account balance to know if you can afford what you are interested in, or whether you are approaching your credit limits. The ‘B’ money saving app is perfect because you have a current and savings account that work seamlessly in one app.

Hurry and get a money savings app today and start enjoying the awesome privileges.

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