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6 Simple Tools for Building Mobile Apps Fast

Building a mobile app is something that many business and ecommerce companies are considering. The modern economy requires companies to have an online presence. While it is sometimes acceptable to create mobile versions of web pages, many companies and experts believe that having a dedicated mobile app provides the user with a much better experience. Businesses can always contact a mobile app development company if they are looking for mobile app creation. Meanwhile, here is a look at six simple tools that you can use in order to build mobile apps in a rapid manner.


Alpha Anywhere:

This database-oriented program is a great development tool for creating hybrid mobile applications. These apps can work while the user is connected to the internet, while also functioning offline. With Alpha Anywhere, developers can create apps very quickly, while maintaining reliable performance and a native feel to the app. One of the best parts about Alpha Anywhere is the fact that it supports the SQL database and offline operations.

App Press:

This is a great web-based program you can use in order to create apps for the Android and iOS platforms. App Press is very easy to use, with its interface likened to that of Photoshop. On the back end, the App Press program takes advantage of the Amazon platform. Even designers who do not have that much experience with these types of apps can produce one within a few days, claim the App Press creators. It is also possible to train new designers for different varieties of app development using this platform.


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When we discuss EachScape, it is important to note that it can perform two functions: editing native applications on the Android and iOS platforms, along with creating new web apps based on the HTML5 language. While it is unusual to get these two features in one application, EachScape manages it without any problems. is another web-based program that you can use for creating web pages and mobile applications. There are drag and drop functionalities, along with a very flexible back-end you can use to design any type of mobile and web application. Whether you already have the general layout for the application, or are looking to start from scratch, is a good choice


This application really shines when it comes to developing applications for the iPad and iPhone, but it can also help to create Android platform applications. The great thing about iBuildApp is how quickly you can create apps, with the program promising you can get an app ready in as little as five minutes. While this may be a slight exaggeration, it is definitely one of the most rapid app creation tools around.


This is another web-based mobile application builder that you can use to create apps for the Android and iOS platforms. Most of the web apps and pages you will create using QuickBase will function with the databases already built into the program. However, there is some support for integrating items that are not in the QuickBase database.

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