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5 Useful Apps you have never heard of

With millions of apps on the Apple App store and Google Play store it sometimes is hard to find the good ones worth trying out among the hundreds of thousands of copied apps there are. We have decided to put together a list of apps of which some are available on the Apple App store, some on the Play store and some on both that are incredibly useful and there is good chance you have never heard of them.

1. RunPee (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) 

RunPee is our number 1 on the list of most useful apps. If you love going to the movies then this App is really a must have, during a movie there are lots of moments where there is not much going on on the big screen and it might just be that moment when you start regretting your bought the XL drink, this apps primary function is to inform you when it is the best time to go to the toilet during the movie, how long you have and it will also inform you what you are missing out on. But that’s not all, it will also tell you if there is anything after the credits worth watching or where the first few minutes of the movie are about if you are running a little late. RunPee is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

2. Cycloramic (iOS and Android)

If you love taking pictures you might want to check out Cycloramic. This app will use the vibrating function in your phone to spin in a 360 degrees circle while making a beautiful full HD panoramic picture or video of your surroundings. It has even won a Pogie award for the brightest idea of 2012. We recommend you put your phone on a flat surface (like a table), open up the app and enable the hands-free mode in order for it to spin automatically.  You can check out the app for iOS and Android

3. Price Check by Amazon (iOS and Android)

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce store in the world, Providing thousands of articles at a very cheap price the guys over at Amazon have developed an app called Price Check that will help you see if you are getting ripped off or not by scanning the barcode of a product you are currently looking at in your local electronics or grocery store, the app will know what product it is and show you the very same item and for how much it is being sold for on Amazon. This useful apps is available for iOS and Android

4. Untappd (iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android)


Are you a beer lover? Then Untappd is a must-have app. It will help you find craft beers and bars, see what beers are trending, as well as see where your friends are drinking. It will also give you a little history on the beer brand and how it has come to be what it is today. This app can be incredibly fun and useful if you and a couple of friends (who of course love beer) download it. The app is available for iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android.

5. Hailo (iOS and Android) 

Hailo is an app that is specially useful if you live in big cities or travel a lot. Hailo allows you to easily ask for a cab that will drive to you using the GPS on your phone, it will inform you about the cabs available near you. Hailo only works with licensed cabs which means that you won’t get some stranger pretending to be a cab driver. The app is available for iOS and Android