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5 Start-Ups Disrupting the Transportation Industry

With technology ever advancing and improving (and kudos to that. Take us to Mars soon Elon Musk…THE GREAT ELON MUSK) transportation is becoming much more accessible and easier to get.

Uber, for example, is a massive disruption in the transportation industry for those who are taxi drivers. Whether this is good or bad only time will tell. There are some good and bad components to this; as many new actions in life are.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 start-ups transportation section that is disrupting the transportation industry.

5 Start-Ups Disrupting the Transportation Industry

# 1 – offers charter bus, school bus, and minibus rentals across North America, allowing users to get the best possible price without having to contact multiple local vendors.

As mentioned the number of services they offer to their customers is top-notch and with so much that they offer and at a responsible price range it would appear that this will soon turn out to be a monopoly in regards to the charter bus section.

# 2 –

Wheelsup is revolutionizing the aviation sector. Making it much more convenient for small and large businesses to safely transport passengers to air carriers and airplanes safely, quickly and efficiently.

“A Revolution Has Taken Flight” is their motto and they most definitely live “up” to their motto (boo!! Yeah, yeah we hear you. I thought that was quite clever.)

# 3 – Uber

As mentioned in the introduction Uber has indeed become part of mainstream society and is looking to take over the taxi section of the transportation industry quickly.

Because of the ability for anyone to become an Uber driver, it is more than reasonable to see why this brilliant business model and idea has taken such a whole on modern society.

At the moment there is somewhat of a problem with taxi drivers and Uber drivers but in a business driven society those who adopt are those who will get ahead and the Uber model is an idea that really adapted and worked very well with the times.

5 Start-Ups Disrupting the Transportation Industry - 1

# 4 – Lyft

Lyft has quickly become Uber’s rival and competitor. Offering services that are somewhat similar to Uber – Lyft is an app that is an on-demand transportation company that allows you to get a person to give you a lift.

Now they are much more stringent with who they allow to download and use their apps. There are serious background checks, criminal history involved and a rating system for this who do pass the screening test.

# 5 – Via

Via is a Canadian owned transportation app that is very much akin to the previous two entries. Much like the former Via is also interrupting and disrupting the taxi section transportation industry.

Is Disruption Good or Bad?

Now it could be argued to these new apps, and new means of eating transportation is not so good for the already established transportation business but within the business, those who do not adapt with the times and this who do not love forward with the times are doomed to fall behind.

And this is all too noticeable with the examples listed in this article. There are some debates and arguments against the use of specific apps like Uber, especially from the taxi drivers who ahem even doing this a long time and have made this their profession.

However, the great thing about Uber and many fo these apps is that anyone who is willing and able can sign up and become part of this new way of doing transportation. And the great thing is that it sets you in a mainframe of being your boss.