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5 Reasons Why Digital is Crucial for Local Small Businesses

There was a time when the ads section of the local paper and a Yellow Pages entry were the two main pipelines for local small businesses in terms of bringing in custom – these being either new or returning clients.

There may be some folk who still use the Yellow Pages (and other paper directories that are still in existence) but it’s probably fair to assume that these users will be in the minority by a significant measure.  And the reason for this is digital. After all, people can now check for the services of a local business in seconds – just using a smartphone. Digital has become king – and it’s an area where many small businesses could be missing out on valuable sales and custom. So here are our 5 reasons why Digital is Crucial for Small Business.

Digital Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

As this Telegraph article points out, building a website doesn’t necessarily mean parting with vast amounts of cash.  One of the businesspeople quoted in the article built their own e-commerce site. While this isn’t something that every business would have time to do on their own, it does illustrate how getting an internet presence can be easier than it may at first seem.

Digital Opportunities for Development

We Spoke to Charlie Brown from Kalexkio a Digital Marketing and Web Design Company from Birmingham Who told us “According to a recent article in the Financial Times, it’s the top 25% of SMEs who use mobile technologies the most intensively who have seen revenues grow the most”.

One of the businesses outlined in the article is a wine retailer in London where tablet computers are used to show videos all about the wine’s origin and production, with payments being taken by debit or credit card then processed using a smartphone or tablet. You may even have seen iPads being used in place of a conventional till in some cafes and boutique shops. The beauty of mobile technology is of course its versatility – something that the world of apps really open up. It’s worth investigating to see what apps are out there that might be useful for your small business. You may even be surprised how much is the app store – whether you’re a bricklayer or a hairdresser, there seems that, yes, there is an app for that!

Digital drives Down Costs

One of the best things about digital for small business is that it is often the least expensive option for promoting a business. There are countless stories of SME sized businesses who have punched well above their weight in marketing and advertising on the web – often with a quirky, original idea,

Digital suits all business types

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small local cafe, a tradesperson or a tech start-up. Knowing how to get the most from digital can benefit any business, no matter what category of products or services are on offer.

Digital Opportunities for funding

Of course, being a digital-savvy business isn’t just about putting your name in front of potential customers’ eyes.  It’s also about finding products and services that will help your business too. According to recent research, a quarter of trade businesses would fold if they faced a setback or unexpected expense. (More on this here). So it’s worth finding out about all the online opportunities that can help make a difference such as crowdfunding, peer-to-peer-lending, and also various government funding initiatives.