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The 5 Benefits of Using Hydraulic Shoring Equipment

Shoring is an especially important practice for construction workers when installing or making amendments to the foundation of a building. Without the methods developed in the wake of the Industrial Revolution and well beyond, there would be many more catastrophic accidents when the time comes to make repairs and changes to already established structures – particularly with the incorporation of hydraulic shoring equipment into your toolbox.

In fact, hydraulic shore equipment has become the go-to method for trench excavation and building support because of the extra safety it provides the workers, as well as the greater efficiency of an adequate system.

  1. Enhanced Performance

The increased performance of hydraulic shore equipment is displayed in several ways. First of all, you have the option of using compressed oil instead of compressed air; the former is capable of shuttling more energy into the press, which equals imparting significantly greater power to punch through hard surfaces. This increased power also comes in the characteristically small package of the hydraulic jack hammer.

Often times, you’ll find the need to work in wet conditions. In such instances the sealed nature of a hydraulic tool is imperative for sustained, long-term power drilling. Most importantly, you don’t have to sacrifice high-performance the way you would with subpar tools.

Any seasoned construction worker who has worked with pneumatic tools in near freezing conditions will readily tell you that these tools have a tendency to freeze up; however hydraulic tools are well renowned for their capacity for cold-weather operation.


  1. Hydraulic Tools are Versatile

Standardization is an essential feature of hydraulic tools in general. This means that there are dozens of hydraulic tools which will work with a single source of power such as a battery pack or connector. In the same vein, depending on the brand, you can run a couple of hydraulic tools without any decrease in efficiency off of a single power unit. Of course, this power unit can be carried along – making the entire system portable for jobs in the field.

  1. Safety Is a Priority

Although safety is prioritize and most hydraulic tools, the aluminum alloy construction of Icon Equipment Distributors, Inc. hydraulic shoring equipment is lightweight without compromising its incredible strength and designed such that the critical connection points do not suffer load bearing. This often allows a single worker to shore a trench immediately after it is excavated, without compromising the overall safety of the operation. Here’s a listing of the rules and mandates for hydraulic shoring.


  1. Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring Equipment is Cost-Effective

Because of the lightweight construction of the equipment, aluminum hydraulic shoring tools can run powerfully on the small engine – which translates to lower fuel costs. The caretaking to ensure that all the moving parts inside are slick with hydraulic oil reduces maintenance costs and other operation costs by increasing the operational lifetime. When coupled with the durability of the aluminum chassis, you get more bang for your buck with this option.

  1. Ease-of-Use

Lastly, the shoring equipment is not some complicated jigsaw puzzle of the machine; in fact, it is specifically constructed for single man installation and subsequent detachment once the job is done for the day. The system has built in parameters that dictate even noting, as well as safety measures to make sure that the cylinders never overextend themselves. All in all, aluminum hydraulic shoring equipment is constructed with the one man crew in mind.

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