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4 Tips to Stay Safe When Working Late

Sometimes 40 hours a week just isn’t enough time to get everything done that you need to. Between big projects and deadlines and then general distractions that come with working in a bustling office, sometimes staying late is necessary to complete your work.

But working late doesn’t come without its own risks. Use the following tips to stay safe while working late.

Remain Vigilant

A little common sense can go a long way in helping you remain safe while at the office after hours. Stay alert for any unusual noises, and make sure you know what days and times the cleaning staff comes so that their arrival isn’t startling. Keep your phone fully charged so that you can call for help if trouble arises.

After regular business hours, the entrance doors should be kept locked to keep out any unwelcome visitors. After-hours access should be as limited as possible in order to maximize staff safety.

When it comes time to head home, have your keys out and ready before you leave the building. Lock your doors as soon as you get in the car for optimal safety.

Record Everything

A security camera system is a vital way of keeping tabs of everything that happens at the office after hours. Often, just seeing that security cameras are in place is enough to deter criminals from targeting a business.

If your office doesn’t have a security camera system or is using an old, outdated one, suggest to management that they invest in a state-of-the-art security camera system. The best option is one that features around-the-clock recording and has 4K night vision recording capability. Point out that this simple investment can go a long way in making employees feel safe and secure, so you can all feel as comfortable as possible pulling late hours to get all of your work done.

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Light the Way

Get a compact tactical flashlight to help you safely get to your car late at night. Tactical models are preferred over a standard small flashlight because they are much brighter. In addition to helping light your way more effectively, a tactical flashlight can also be used as a self-defense measure to blind and disorient an assailant.

If your office exterior isn’t already well-lit, suggest that as another security upgrade to your management team. Ideally there should be ample lighting near the entrance and in the parking lot or parking garage to prevent any unwelcome guests from lurking unnoticed.

Share Your Plans

Make sure that you check in with a family member, friend or coworker when you plan on staying late at the office. You can also share your location with them using an app like Find My Friends. In the case that something does go wrong, someone would be able to check on you in a timely manner. When possible, use the buddy system and arrange to stay late with a coworker.

If your office building has security on staff, notify them as well. Their added vigilance can also help you stay as safe as possible while at the office after hours.

Taking extra time to get all of your work done after regular business hours is stressful enough without the added worry of your personal safety. Simplify after hours safety by remaining vigilant, sharing your plans with others and using camera systems and lighting to your advantage so that you can safely complete your work at any hour.