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4 Search Engine Alternatives to Google 

If you are like the majority of adults, you likely spend a considerable amount of time each day browsing the web. You likely use Google to help you find sites like, but have you ever thought about using an alternative search engine? While using Google to browse the web might not be a bad thing, other sites offer more privacy and protection from advertisements, and could ultimately make the internet a more safe and enjoyable place for you! You might be familiar with other search engines like Bing or Yahoo, but you might not realize just how much search engines are out there that you could be using. Here are a few of the best search engines that can be used as an alternative to Google, for anyone wanting to make the switch. 


If online privacy and security is important to you, you might consider using Swisscows. This search engine has a familiar user interface that is similar to Google, but allows users to search the internet anonymously, without tracking, storing, or selling any of your information. This site also uses artificial intelligence to help maximize the quality of search results for users, so you will receive more accurate search results than most other sites while having absolutely none of your private information stored. 

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Another great option for internet users who value their privacy, DuckDuckGo is a popular search engine that does not store or track any information from users, allowing for a completely private browsing experience. DuckDuckGo does not use any software to adapt to your searches and is the perfect search engine for anyone wanting the most private, secure browsing experience. 


StartPage sources their search results from Google, but does not connect to a Google account or your browsing history. This is a good option for users who are satisfied with the quality of browsing provided by Google but don’t want all of their searches to show up in their browsing history for privacy reasons. 


For every search done on Ecosia, the company plants 1 tree. Ecosia donates 100% of their profits to environmental charities and is a completely co2 neutral company. With a nearly identical user interface to Google, making the switch to Ecosia is a great way to help the planet while doing minimal work and getting great search results while browsing the web.