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4 Productivity Boosting Apps Every Business Needs

Productivity is one of the most important factors that determines how well a business will perform. When employees are more productive, they will not only get more work done, but they will also boost the morale of everyone around them. This results in employees working better both individually and cohesively, thereby increasing the revenue the business generates.

Unfortunately, the productivity rate for most businesses is on the decline. This is why businesses should actively take steps to boost employee productivity. This might seem like a complicated task, but it is actually simple to execute. As there are several apps that can help you automate the process.

To make it easy for you to select the right apps, I have created this list…

An app to improve attendance:

Sometimes productivity can be low because your employees might not be turning up at all. You might think your employees are turning up every day, but they could be defrauding you with techniques like buddy punching which are a very common. Buddy punching alone costs business over $373 million a year.

This is why before you take steps to improve employee productivity, you should improve their attendance first.

For this I recommend that you use a timesheet software to increase accuracy. When you use a timesheet software, buddy punching will be eliminated as the employees will only be able to clock in and clock out using facial or fingerprint recognition methods. This means that they will come to work on time and leave on time instead of not showing up or leaving early.

Several timesheet apps will automatically calculate the amount of time your employees spend at work and then show you what their wages are (depending on the price you set). So, this will save the staff in charge of payroll some time too. And they can focus on other more important tasks (thereby increasing their productivity too).

An app for project management or a complete scheduling software:

The next app you need is an app for project management. These apps allow you to create tasks and then assign them to the different members of your team. Some even let you set deadlines. They work great whether you have big or small team of people working on a project.

But they won’t suit all businesses, because for some businesses it would be better to use a complete scheduling software. With this software instead of just assigning tasks, you set the different times at which employees should be performing different tasks. This software works extremely well for underperforming employees as it gives their day a structure and forces them to get into routines and habits. This can get them to work harder and put in a better effort.

4 Productivity Boosting Apps Every Business Needs - 1

A communication app:

Productivity can sometimes decline because of a lack in communication. For a company to flow smoothly the managers need to communicate with their employees properly. The employees also need to be communicating properly with each other whether they are working on site or remotely. This is why you should invest in top quality communication software. This should include texting apps made for businesses and VoIP apps.

An app to track performance:

Once you invest in the above apps and use them properly, you should notice an uptick in productivity. But you can take performance to another level by also investing in an employee tracking app. These are apps you install on your employees’ mobile phones, browsers and/or laptops.

They then track the everyday activities of your employees to show you how they spend their time. You can use the data to see which employees are performing properly and which aren’t. You can then filter out the employees who are struggling and provide them with extra attention and workshops to help improve their performance.

You can also offer incentives to the top performing employees. This will ensure they continue working at the same momentum and inspire the ones who are struggling.


These are the 4 productivity boosting apps your business needs. Investing in them will cost you some time and money, but they will pay for themselves several times over in the long run. So, make sure you get the best ones out there.