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4 Low Tech Ways To Get Credit Card Fraud Protection

4 Low Tech Ways To Get Credit Card Fraud Protection

There are techies and then there are techies. What do I mean by that? Well I consider myself a techie, a well-rounded, thoroughly educated computer geek. I have always loved playing with my gadgets and devices and over the years have taught myself enough to be able to do fairly well when it comes to software and hardware. My intermediate knowledge helps me just enough to allow me to work online through freelance sites and securely manage my information while doing so. However, of course I could always know more when it comes to security and privacy online. Some things are learned the easy way and others the hard way and unfortunately for some, the latter is what really teaches us a lesson that we will never forget.


Without credit card fraud protection, I had left myself open to dangers I didn’t know exist and some that I thought I had covered already. I use my credit card online on a daily basis, and It’s quite frightening to find that you were open to dangers of fraud and identity theft. But when fraud did occur under my name, I quickly went about fixing the situation and making sure that it will never happen to me again. This sort of protection is a must for me, it is something that I consider at the top of my list for security while working onlines.  The moment that this happened to me, I learned two things, 1. That I wasn’t the techie that I thought I was and 2. You should never stop learning when it comes to technology and apps – because the hackers and scammers sure don’t! Anything that you think you know could become redundant as technology advances and develops at a fast pace.

If you are not a particularly technical person, it is hard for you to get a grip on the importance of certain applications and programs that you need installed in order to be safe and continue to work and play online. Below, I have outlined the 4 easiest ways that you can get credit card fraud protection without hassle or confusion.

Why you need credit card fraud protection

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  1. Ask a consultant – there are many consultants out there to explain to you just why it is vital that you are protected. It isn’t just for online use, if you have a credit card, you need this feature.
  2. Search the truth – by conducting a quick search online you will find shocking statistics of just how many people in your country and globally, fall victim to fraud every day. Most people don’t know about what services and programs are open to them, just by a click of a button – and continue to tread in deep waters without the aid of credit card fraud protection.
  3. Learn the details– without going to deep into the technical accepts of protection, there are some basics that you should understand – namely that using a credit card to make purchases or payments online isn’t dangerous in itself, if you use the right platforms. However many of us, for ease of access, store our credit card information somewhere on our Pc’s, our phones or other mobile devices, thinking that they are safety locked up in the palm of our hands. Hackers and scammers are unbelievably efficient at taking control of devices, sometimes without you even realizing that they have. There are dozens of ways that you could have put yourself at risk without knowing it, but only one way to make sure that you are covered.
  4. Share your knowledge – for many people, if they didn’t read this article, then there wouldn’t even know what credit card fraud protection was. Knowledge is a thing to share, in order to win the fight over fraudsters.