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4 Key Questions That Will Illuminate Whether Salesforce Certification Is The Answer

Not only is Salesforce being used in every single service out there, plus a countless number of other companies have picked it up as a vital tool over the years, but most of all, its overall reach as an innovative and helpful platform has increased as well. With the aspect of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology having started a modest two decades ago, it has become the most sought-after option in the world. moreover, what makes it scalable and affordable in every way is the fact that it is based on a cloud-computing model. Having topped many lists of the best CRMs across the globe, Salesforce is also highly renowned for customer service applications, sales applications and marketing applications all across the board.

The biggest indication that Salesforce is the future came about two years back, when the company had managed to increase its market share by more percentage points that all of the other CRM providers combined. Now that is certainly no mean feat by any means and just goes to illustrate how Salesforce has come such a long way from its modest beginnings, enhancing a variety of different aspects from additional technical elements to Salesforce cost and many more. 

If you’re interested, then make no mistake about it – a Salesforce certification is the best place to start. However, you need to ask yourself the right questions in order to make sure that a Salesforce certification is the right option for you. Here are the 4 key questions:

4 Key Questions That Will Illuminate Whether Salesforce Certification Is The Answer - 1

  • How dedicated and willing are you to put in all the necessary hard work?: To reap all the massive rewards that Salesforce has to offer, one certainly needs to work very hard to achieve even the status of “certified”. Not only are the twin aspects of revision and research essential, but one also needs to look at trailhead tutorials.

  • Are you prepared to completely invest in yourself?: When you hear about the innumerable success stories behind Salesforce from a large number of people, one thing is clear. And that is the fact that you need to invest a considerable amount of your time and money into it at an early stage itself. Making a fruitful investment in quality training would be the ideal way to go. And once you get through, you will want to find ways to reduce the Salesforce licensing cost.

  • Are you thirsty to gain the necessary knowledge?: To get through the entry level exams of Salesforce, one would have to learn a great deal. Even that would not be enough since Salesforce is in a constant state of flux and one would also have to keep up with all the latest updates. To deal with this, Maintenance exams that occur thrice a year, are your best bet.

  • How determined are you to tackle real-life scenarios?: Along with constant revision of the study material, going headfirst into real-life scenarios would give you the perfect idea of what to expect since most stages of the main exams are based on this. Going for training that emphasises this very aspect is an absolute must in every sense of the word. You will also get to know about the different aspects of Salesforce and how they are connected to one another.

All in all, if you have answered each of the above questions with a resounding “Yes!”,  then you are certainly ready to take the first plunge into the unknown pool of Salesforce. Before this, understanding the very process of Salesforce certification is a must indeed. That is not something that you can afford to forget. For this, you will ideally need to delve into the Salesforce certification exam process in every possible way. With a specific time limit and multiple choice questions to tackle, one must rank up a score of at least 65% to pass. 

Moreover, this may come as a surprise to most as with regard to exams, there have been significant technological strides in the creation of apps that help you out in a plethora of different ways. For instance, the Salesforce Administrator and App Builder will train you to crack to key certification exams as well as educate you about the core components of CRM. Plus, the Salesforce Platform App Builder will teach you how to create new application with the use of the Force platform. One things is clear from all of this – the number of jobs that require Salesforce skills have been rising and will continue to rise in the future.