Explore the World of The Hobbit with Google Maps

We usually don’t post movie related news on AmongTech but this one was so amazing, we just couldn’t resist. Chrome Experiments has just launched a new project called A Journey Through Middle Earth in which together with Warner Bros it has made a interactive map with the power of Google Maps of the world where the upcoming Hobbit movie Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug takes place.

The experiment allows you to view the world just like you would do normally using Google Maps, it also has a built in feature for the most interesting locations which then narrate you a story and have amazing 3D animations. The Journey Through Middle Earth experiment will not only inform you about the upcoming Hobbit movie but it will also make you smile as you see how amazingly well this 3D masterpiece has been put together, if you are interested in finding out more of the Technical details on how they have done it, make sure to check out this official blog post. Check out the “A journey through middle Earth” world yourself. Here are some pictures:

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