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3 Emerging Business Trends Worth Watching

The business sector is fast-paced. However, keeping up with the trends is an excellent way to stay abreast of what happens in the marketplace and respond accordingly. Knowing what’s on the horizon is an excellent way to prepare to meet customers’ needs and show competitors that you have a resilient and responsive company. 

1. The Phasing Out of Landlines

Landline phones are becoming less common in many areas throughout the world. People began predicting the so-called “death” of the landline in the United States several years ago. The topic rose to the forefront more recently in Great Britain. There, engineers want to get rid of all landline infrastructure as people know it by the end of 2025. 

More specifically, landlines will only work after that year if connected to the internet. However, given society’s growing dependence on the internet, that kind of transition makes sense. For example, when people learn more about internet-based phone systems, they discover they can make virtually free domestic calls, paying only applicable taxes and fees. 

2. Companies Exploring How To Accelerate Delivery Timeframes

Amazon quickly got customers used to receiving their online orders in a couple of days or less. Now, staying competitive in the e-commerce world means offering customers increasingly short delivery windows and ensuring that the goods arrive when promised and in good condition. 

There’s no single best way to get people their merchandise faster. However, company leaders are looking at a wide range of high-tech options, ranging from self-driving vehicles to drones. Another, less tech-based option is to move distribution centers closer to the people ordering the goods. However, doing that often takes time and financial investments. 

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3. Working From Home Could Become Permanent

As many employers experimented with having their teams work from home for the first time, employees often discovered they never wanted to go back to the old way of commuting to their offices. One poll found that 50% of respondents did not want to go back to their workplaces full time. 

Companies like Spotify and Twitter are fully on board with letting people work from home at least part of the time. That arrangement does not work for everyone who wants to do it. However, provided that a person can stay as or more productive at home, employers may realize there’s no harm in letting them continue with that setup.

These are three of the many trends impacting today’s businesses. It’s not yet clear whether they’ll become long-term changes, but staying up-to-date with them is a wise move for any current or potential company owner.