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3 Clear Signs that Your Business is Ready for a Hosted VoIP Call Center

On today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, the importance of leaning forward and closing the customer gap isn’t just a best practice that enhances short-term success: it’s an essential requirement that ensures long-term survival. Indeed, especially with social media at their disposal, hell hath no fury like a customer scorned.

However, if your call center capacity is bursting at the seams, then plunging NPS and surging churn rates are a foregone conclusion — and are probably happening already. Fortunately, that’s where a hosted VoIP call center enters the picture and can make a transformative difference. Here are three clear signs that this technology should be on your shopping list:

  1. Your people are spending far too much time on the phone with customers.

Yes, delivering personalized service is critical, and it’s certainly a competence that you want to cultivate in your environment. But if your people are spending excessive amounts of time with customers, then this is indeed a sign that more capacity is needed ASAP. A hosted VoIP call center alleviates the bottleneck by allowing you to bring aboard remote/off-site resources, and without having to increase your existing physical space (which may not be desirable, possible or financially feasible).

  1. An alarming number of customers are one-and-done.

Contrary to what some people think, customer loyalty is often won or lost after the sale — not before. That’s because it’s during the post-purchase phase where customers have practical questions (e.g. “how do I use this?” and “how do I get this to work with that?”), which determine how much value and benefit they get from their investment. If an alarming number of customers are fading off the radar screen after purchase, then it could be due to the fact that they can’t easily get through to support agents or technical staff. A hosted VoIP call center can streamline this process, and make sure that when customers call they are routed to the right department vs. placed on hold and told “that their call is very important.”

  1. When you’re leading quality leads and prospects on the table.

Not having enough customer demand is obviously a problem. But the other end of the spectrum isn’t a picnic either if your infrastructure can’t engage a large influx of leads. Whether this surge comes on the heels of a well-designed marketing and advertising campaign, or results from some unexpected but astonishingly valuable product placement or brand recognition, a hosted VoIP call center ensures that calls are answered, and that thanks to VoIP and Salesforce integration, quality leads and prospects are nurtured into profitable customers vs. left on the table.

The Bottom Line

These days, technology investments must directly or indirectly drive customer experience. A hosted VoIP call center does both, which is why a growing number of businesses are implementing it in their environment — and reaping substantial bottom-line rewards.