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Five ways enterprise software can help your company develop

True Reason why Your Company Needs own Applications

Any company’s success depends on several factors. We can talk long about smart planning, highly qualified stuff and wise business plan. However, we cannot deny that any business might fail quickly if inner information is not protected.

Another factor is commercial. Internet ads plus well-developed website are capable of miracles. What else should one think of? How about a desktop or a smartphone app?

Today our life is hard to imagine without tiny applications. We use them everywhere for fun, education, study, setting up our daily routine or business.

Five ways enterprise software can help your company develop - 1

Professional developers NixSolutions recommend each enterprise think on the opportunity of creating individual program set to meet all needs.


How can we control our stuff? There is one wise and proven method. Developers offer wide range of software that can:

  • record all moves workers make at their PCs;
  • control traffic expenses;
  • set time boundaries for keeping internet connection on;
  • provide fully encrypted messengers for inner use;
  • other special apps for individual or group use.

This is how we can ban employees from checking in social networks during working hours, control all they do online and offline, make sure nobody is leaking any information.

Programmers say, they can set any idea in life. Make up your unique concept and it will see the world in a few weeks.


Leaders have more responsibilities and less time to cope with all duties. They need good organizers with company’s latest details and innovations.

Is there a quicker way to contact any person from any department than a tiny application that includes all contacts and short personal data of every worker?

Client base is safe and encrypted in another program. Add here a password and hold it safely in a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

Main advantage of special apps is that all needed information is always within easy tap or click. No need to carry huge folders – take your regular gadget with you and enjoy.


There are two types of apps here – inner and outer. Inner apps include mentioned above client base with phone numbers, emails and history of purchases. They are used by companies in order to provide current statistics, contact clients directly or place them in different lists.

Another type of applications is worked out for clients. They are installed by customers and used to complete any application (placing orders, purchasing, biding money, etc), without leaving their houses. Such features save a lot of time and money.

On the other hand – enterprise maintains close relationship with customers, informing the last ones about sales, special offers, discounts and new services.

This method works both ways – clients are happy with fast reliable service, enterprise promotes itself sending messages (not only plain text, but bright images or even videos) to customers’ smartphones or tablets.

Such decision adds new clients spreading like a virus within certain groups of people. This is what we call ‘going viral’

As you can see, whenever deciding to order an application for business purpose – we never lose. There always is a good profit together with a few new steps for developing.