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Your hand is the new mouse with Leap Motion

Have you always wanted to use your computer like Iron Man does? Well then you will love this little neat device, being funded for over $25 million dollars Leap Motion is a tiny little device hooked up to your Mac or PC that will allow you to control the mouse with hand gestures and movements. Created by Michael Buckwald and David Holz, this tiny device uses advanced motion sensing technology allowing to capture any small movement of the hand or fingers with incredible accuracy.

Leap Motion wants to revolutionize the way we interact with our computers and other electronic devices, similar to what Microsoft’s Kinect did with Videogames. The device uses two cameras and three infrared LEDs the Leap Motion will capture all your movements allowing you to browse the web, play video games, draw, play air guitar and fly through space with a simple hand gesture.

For this new device many apps are being developed to get the most out of it, there are already several game developers adapting their games for the device like Cut the Rope and Sugar rush

Check out the video by clicking the post thumbnail to watch Leap Motion in action.  You can purchase Leap Motion for $79,99 on their online store or on July 28 at Best Buy.