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How Will Technology Shape Learning in the Next Decade?

There has been a lot of technological changes in the world over the past decade. These changes do not only affect the lives of individuals in regard to their career but also have a great impact on the education system such as learning through the internet. An example of online learning is the use of custom essay writing services to get completed papers online. Hence, in the next decade, there will be a lot of changes in the learning system due to technological changes.

Collaborative and deep learning

The advancement in technology will result in complex IT requirements that will force people into learning deeper in order to improve their skills, and not just using some online essay writing company as a way to get assignments done. As a result, this will be reflected in all other disciplines since IT will be a key subject in the learning process. An example is the case of a study hall that has remote controlled switches. Every learner will have the obligation of studying deep to keep up with the technology as argued.


This technology allows schools to build a competitive learning environment that is based on certain objectives through the use of a computer game-style. This technology aims to monitor progress in classrooms and turns offer rewards. As a result, its continued use will result in competitive oriented individuals who are ready to improve their learning skills. The technology is not widely used, but it will be common in the next ten years.

Collaboration and flexibility in the learning environment

Before the innovation of technology, classes used to be monitored through the use of a bell. The method is still working in some learning institutions, and it reduces flexibility. Therefore, with the emergence of items like Google Docs, the classroom will be a more flexible and collaborative environment whereby assignments can be completed after the bell has rung. Technology enables students to read from anywhere across the world as long as they have internet. Therefore, the advancement in technology will help in the reduction of the amount of time wasted in traveling to access classrooms and libraries.

Emergence of tools for measuring the complexity of texts

In the next ten years, computerized learning will have advanced to high levels. An example will be the availability of mobile applications that can scan a text to evaluate its originality. As a result, this will improve the levels of learning hence releasing individuals with better skills to the job market as compared to the past decade. This inspiration will be passed on to other generations.

Real-time feedback learning

The use of biometrics in learning will provide students with real-time learning hence saving the time that is spent in labs while waiting for results. This will enable students to cover a lot of topics within a short period of time. Real-time response is known to enhance the understanding capabilities of the students as compared to a situation whereby they have to get a response, yet some of them might have forgotten the request. Therefore, such technology will improve the level of learning in institutions.

New certificates

College certificates indicate the learning ability of a student without putting the skills achieved and their social life into consideration. Therefore, with the advancements in technology, the certificates issued to learners will be portfolio-based, social, and self-selected. Such certificates will display the cumulative characteristics of the individual. This aspect is beneficial to employers because they will not be required to do a lot of vetting as compared to the current situations whereby individuals have to attend lengthy interviews.

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Psychology indicates that the ability of individuals to innovate new things has not been improving over the past few years. Therefore, the incorporation of technology in learning will open people’s mind and act as an inspiration towards the achievement of great things. It is this inspiration that will result in individuals inventing new things. The technological changes will be a guide towards the changing of the school curriculum into a mind engaging one rather than the normal syllabus.

Outnumbering of schools

The emergence and advancements in technology have improved the manner in which people attend schools hence resulting in a situation whereby people might not need to attend schools to study the higher learning programs. The e-learning is one of the technologies that will outnumber schools because individuals do not see the need for driving all the way to an institution yet they can still access the same knowledge while at home. As well, there are various programs designed for self-training hence enabling people to pay fewer fees as compared to the amount that is paid in the institutions.


Other than the impacts that technology will have on the learning process, the students should identify what they should incorporate in their studies and what they should ignore. If not addressed carefully, technology can destroy the education system instead of building it. Therefore, everybody involved in the school curriculum should take these changes with a lot of seriousness to ensure that they do not mislead the growing generation.