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Why the Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app isn’t available on Android

Instagram recently launched a new app called Hyperlapse on iOS one that has been receiving a lot of media attention and has been described as a “must have app” on every iOS device. If you don’t own an iPhone and have an Android smartphone instead you might have noticed that the app isn’t currently available on Android.


The new Hyperlapse app allows you to create and share time-lapse videos, the app allows you to film a video from your device and uses the smartphones gyroscope to stabilize the images and then outputs a video. According to an Instagram Spokesperson which confirmed to AndroidPit the reason why the app isn’t on Android is because of technical reasons:

 the requisite APIs are not available in the current versions of Android. The magic behind Hyperlapse has certain technical requirements that aren’t currently compatible with Android.

The app won’t appear on Android until Google makes the needed API’s available. It could be that we won’t ever see the app appear on Android.