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Instagram acquires Luma a video sharing App

Instagram has just made its first acquisition, Luma. Luma is a video stabilization and sharing App. Sources have told TechCrunch that Luma is in fact already in use in the Instagram App, the stabilization function for example was integrated in June and could possibly be Luma’s technology. Facebook has officially confirmed that Instagram has acquired Luma but has however not revealed a price or any more details.

Instagram will most likely also integrate Luma video filtering technology that will allow users to give video certain effects by adjusting the light and colorization. These include sliders for changing the brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure of videos. Instragam already uses a similar technology for its pictures, giving them the familiar “instagram look”. Here is a video showing how Luma App works

 Luma for iOS has been pulled of the App store but users that have already downloaded the App will be able to keep using it until December 31, 2013.